The Girl Who Married An Eagle by Tamar Myers


A cozy mystery set around a mission to the Belgian Congo!



In 1950 Ohio a talk is given at Julie Newton’s church around a mission in Africa and the need for people to go.  Totally energized by the thought, Julie signs up to go.  She winds up working in a school for runaway child brides.  One of these escaped brides is Bukane, she is beautiful, and has escaped from her arranged marriage with Chief Eagle.  Chief Eagle is a powerful man, not used to being denied any of his wants and seeks revenge on the school.  Bukane fights for her freedom, is attacked, and eventually finds her way to the school that Julie is working with.

Julie now finds herself in the position of having to save the school from this angry Chief and his people, while adapting to her new-found environment along with a cast of interesting characters to help along the way.




Why was I drawn to this book?  Having been on 11 mission trips to Honduras, the idea of going on a mission into Africa intrigued me.  The fact that this book is based on parts of Tamar Myers real life as a missionary in the Congo also pulled me in.  While it is a fiction read, I knew the author would know her stuff when it came to talking about the Congo and missionary work. 

I liked reading about Julie’s encounters on this mission.  I enjoyed that it was not all written in her high-spirited perspective, but also from  others perspective as well. You seen both sides of the culture and the description and character building was well done. 

What really captured me in this read is that while this is written for the 60’s, not a lot has changed in some of these countries.  Honduras still has parents who sell their young daughters to older men to secure the parents future, and never see their child again.  In our culture, that is unthinkable, but there, it is a means of survival.

The Girl Who Married an Eagle reminded me a bit of The #1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith.  It just had that feel.  I think if you enjoyed those books, you would also appreciate this one.


Thank you to TLC Book Tours for allowing me

to pack my bags and head into the Congo for a while! 


10 thoughts on “The Girl Who Married An Eagle by Tamar Myers

  1. I love reading Tamar Myers. She writes with humor and honesty. I also like her other mysteries, The Den of Antiquity mystery series in particular.

  2. I’ve just been to an Alexander Mccall Smith book launch, such a lovely man and great books, so if this one compares, I could be tempted to read it 🙂

  3. I just recently read a synopsis of this book and then a blog post shortly thereafter. I put the book on my list and hope to read it this summer.

  4. I totally agree, not a lot has change. It even still happens here in South Africa with our country being more liberal than the rest of Africa. Thanks for sharing your review 🙂

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