Morning Meanderings/ (NOT!) Saturday Snapshot: A Room With A View


Ok…. lol…. I wrote this post this morning totally thinking it was Saturday.  What a hot mess I am…. LOL  Then I went on ALyce’s site to link up thinking I was super cool as it is 6 am and look for early I am and… ummm …. yeah.  Anyhoo – I am leaving the post as is because I am at a conference and I do not have time to put together another post… so ha ha…. pretend it is Saturday with me 😀

Good morning!  I slept amazing last night. I am in Minneapolis at the last session on our Bremer L3 Training for Libraries and Literacy.  This is the activity I signed up for last fall along with Jolene who is out Library Manager and Laurel who works with outreach in our community through her role at the Library.

When we drove here at noon yesterday I was so tired having been up since 3:00 am the night before.  Why?  I have no idea… my head kept thinking of things I needed to be sure I did before I left.  I worked yesterday to noon, so I had to be packed and ready to go so I could leave right from work to meet up with the other two and e in the cities by 3:00.

We had a lovely afternoon of each group talking about what they have accomplished.  Our group was speaking last but what was cool about that as we all have to have a power point presentation ready of our experience, that being last, we were then able to pull up the Wine and Words website on the big screen and then they left it up.  AWESOME.  I think we sold at least a table for the event 🙂  WOO HOO!!!

So pictures.  From my hotel room on the Coates Plaza I have a lovely view of the Mississippi.  My pics are not awesome as I was shooting them through a window and I really need to figure out the camera on my phone before I am in New York next week. 



So do you like the reflection of the lamp in my room in the second picture? 😀

This morning we have breakfast and then a couple of sessions, a celebration lunch as we are then done with our training and leave here at 1:00.  It has been a great experience.  Not only is it by attending this training that the idea came for Wine and Words, but hanging out with Jolene and Laurel has really helped me understand the library more in my role as a friend of the library.

If this actually was the Saturday Snapshot I would have directed you to Alyce’s post at, At Home With Books. 😀

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