In The Belly Of Jonah by Sandra Brannan (Bookies Review)


Liv Bergen lives a small quiet life of managing a limestone mine in Colorado.  It may not be the life that many women would seek out, but Liv enjoys what she does and would have it no other way.

Then a young female employee of the mine is found murdered and suddenly Liv’s life is anything but quiet.  The mine soon becomes a part of the crime scene and police and FBI are coming around with questions.  Then Liv’s former classmate, now FBI Profiler, Lisa comes into town and takes residence at Liv’s home when all the hotels are full.  Soon Liv discovers that the crimes are too close to home and she can either sit back and wait to see what will happen next or she can work on being part of the solution.

As Liv starts looking at clues, she discovers she has a sort of knack for putting things together and the murdered may soon find that Liv Bergen is his worst nightmare.

I first met author Sandra Brannon in New York in 2010 at the Book Expo.  It was a short time before this, her first book was about to be released and Sandra was a little nervous and I instantly took a liking to her.  As Jill at Rhapsody In Books recently said in a review, “You can not meet this author and not like her immediately”. 

In The Belly Of Jonah was a good solid mystery.  I love it when fiction teaches me something and I learned a little bit about mining, and even a little about forensics.  This book is a great fast paced read that is never over the top out there (and that can be scary!) but feels like a good level mystery with awesome good guys, and of course the notorious bad guy.

I enjoyed the book so much and like it when a book takes me from the pages to my laptop to look at words and scenes more closely.   While In The Belly Of Jonah is written as a series, it is just as easily a stand alone read.  I for one enjoyed it so much I want to jump into the second book now – and it may please you to know that three books in the series are currently available:  Lots Return To Sodom, and Widow’s Might

The Bookies Review…

I was thrilled when my book club chose In The Belly Of Jonah for our January 2013 read .  I was also thrilled when Sandra offered to SKYPE with us!  It was out first SKYPE with an author and it was a lot of fun!  The girls really enjoyed talking with Sandra.  It was fun to hear about her back ground in mining and her characters and who they may be designed after. 

Sandra had sent us a goodie box:


and in it was chocolate rocks for each of us (ahhhhhhh!!!!) and she sent us ingredients to make a drink:


This is the makings of a “hairy buffalo” which Sandra says is like a Colorado Bulldog but with chocolate milk.  😛  When Sandra was in the cities in September I went out to dinner with her and a girl from my book club and introduced her to the Colorado Bulldog.  This was a fun gift that we will try next month. 😀  Thanks Sandra – you are funny and amazing!

Another fun moment of the evening was when one of the girls n out book club decided to reveal a little secret by making her own book cover:


Very creative!  Laura is pregnant and she announced it to out book club with this cover… Sandra loved this! 

and finally, we had a great group picture that we took for Sandra but really – I like it too 😀


ps… if you are wondering about the doll… we reenacted a crime.  Enough said.  😉

22 thoughts on “In The Belly Of Jonah by Sandra Brannan (Bookies Review)

  1. Oh, I was so interested as to the contents of the BOX! So happy Sandra did not disappoint!

    Many congrats to Laura!! I have never met you, but I loved, loved, loved, being pregnant, I’m so jealous of you right now! Best of luck to you and the peanut!

    Sheila, you have the best book club!

  2. I think the book sounds very intriguing…I wouldn’t have picked it up based on the title alone, so I’m glad to have read your review. You bookies always make such a fun event out of your reading….thanks for sharing.

  3. I don’t think I’ve heard of this book before, but it sound like it’s my cup of tea having read your review. It sounds like your book group had a great deal of fun with this one! 🙂

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