Morning Meanderings… Coughing Into Sunday


Yesterdays 5k was a blast!  While not the most impressive obstacles…. at one point we had to carry a block of wood around a large area and through some ropes set at different levels… (what is that… a Minnesota thing?) we did have a good time.  😀

One of the obstacles was to go up over this wooden board.  You climb it with a rope and then go over the other side.  It was about 10 feet high and it was set up pretty unsafe.  I couldn’t get up it, there were no foot holds, and my friend Amy got to the top but seeing there was nothing to help you down but to jump on to the icy ground she and I chose to walk around those.  Later we were talking to friends and found out one of them broke a rib on that thing and another a finger.  😯  The worst thing that happened to us is that ever since I quit running, I keep coughing.  Too much cold air in the lungs I guess.  *cough*

Today is a pretty low-key day (YIPPEE!!!!).  I am going to church this morning, then picking up a few groceries and then home to dive into a book.  I bought Jodi Piccoult’s new one, ‘Between The Lines’ yesterday and I am looking forward to diving in.  The house is warm, my blanket snugly.  I may see if Al wants to go see a movie later today – there are a few good ones out there. 

As for books that came in this week… tis the season!  Something about winter and being surrounded by books… makes me so happy!


Don’t these look good?  AND a couple of audio too!!! 

I have Monday and Tuesday off this week due to an abundance of hours used the end of December and the first of January and I am looking forward to a doing a little work in the book room, a Library meeting, coffee with a friend, and mmmmm…


How has your weekend been?  Anything fun?  Have you seen any good movies?

20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Coughing Into Sunday

  1. Stay inside and drink juice and tea and read! Or watch movies.

    That’s Dr. Laurel-Rain’s prescription…lol

    I’m curious about The Typewriter Girl and The One I Left Behind.

    I had my granddaughter over for a sleepover starting Friday…we watched a lot of movies!


  2. It sounds like it was a good thing you didn’t try to jump down from that crazy obstacle, ouch! Enjoy your new books (yay!) and your time off from work (double yay!!).

  3. Wow, that one obstacle sounds crazy!! We had a few dangerous obstacles on my mud run – including these pyramids where the only footholds were a quarter inch thick and very slippery. I slid down one of them and landed on my butt after going over it, but nothing broken. Bruised, though!! I’d probably skip those if I did a mud run again…

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