Morning Meanderings…. First 5k Of The Year Eve


Good morning!  The house is feeling nice this morning, warm and cozy.  I went to bed last night at 7 pm and got up at 7 am this morning.  I finally feel caught up on my sleep.  I feel rested and ready to move into these next 5 days off. 

Soon here I need to get ready to go have lunch with some awesome friends.  We couldn’t find a way to get us all together before Christmas so we are meeting today for lunch and our Christmas celebration.  I am looking forward to it. 

As this post is titled, tomorrow is the first 5k of the year.  It is called the Iceman and is in Dayton Minnesota.  As far as we know, my friend Amy and I have never been to Dayton Minnesota, but we are on out way there tomorrow morning for our 11 am run.  I am both excited and a bit anxious.  😀

The weather has gone weird here… warmer this week, like in the 20’s ans then yesterday it rained an froze over night.  I hear that the roads are ice rinks and that school has been cancelled.  Tomorrow it is supposed to drop to the teens and rain/snow mix…. not the best 5k weather….  but I guess we will see.

Later today I am going to share with you my review and our awesome book club experience with author Sandra Brannan…. I will also revile what she sent us in the box…


Really… this is worth stopping in later for 🙂  Hope your ay and weekend are fabulous, I just finished listening to Gods In Alabama and wow.  I need to find more by this author! 

8 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. First 5k Of The Year Eve

  1. I have read one book by Joshilyn Jackson and loved it (The Girl Who Stopped Swimming). I’ve heard good things about Gods in Alabama, so I requested it from the library (my stacks and shelves are overflowing!).

    It arrived and I picked it up yesterday!

    Hope you have fun at your lunch…..

  2. Kind of gutsy to hold a 5K at this time of year (in MN)! I hope conditions improve and you and Amy can do the run. Good luck, Sheila!

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