Morning Meanderings… Missing The Action!


Morning all. 😀  For today’s Saturday Snapshot I thought I would reflect a little on the fun events I took part of in 2012.  Winter, is not my favorite season.  It leaves me feeling….


As the days have become colder and yeah, whiter, I find myself thinking of the warmer weather more and more, and yeah I know I have a long time to wait for it but maybe some sunny pictures will help. 😀

This was the first mud run Amy and I had participated in. It gave us both the fever for more….

Another dash….

The Monster Dash October

The Color Run – LOVED this!
This is one of my favorites because I did the color run with my son Justin.

This is my favorite event pic of the year – the girl with the 65177 number is my friend Belinda, I am directly in front of her with the little ponytail. Both are arms I raised trying to get as much color on us as possible.
Favorite bike shirt.
My favorite bike team 🙂

Ahhhh… that feels better. On January 13th Amy and I are doing  a 5K Obstacle course in the cities called The Iceman.  I am pretty excited!

I am working on a Challenge for my Fitness website Team Kickin It.  I hope to have it up this weekend so if you are interested, please watch for it – I think it is going to be fun and I would love people to join me. 🙂

35 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Missing The Action!

  1. I can’t even imagine going back to snow and ice and bitter cold. Take heart, spring will be here before you know it. 🙂

  2. Cool. Can you please give us more details about the ICEMAN event. Sounds so cold and exciting.

  3. I love your pics, especially the diagonal one of the colour run. You have really caught the exciting atmosphere.

  4. Nice to see summer the photos again. I will join you in the ‘dislike’ of winter. Yesterday I walked out the door and was met by ice. Ugh. Could have been snow, that would be worse, the storm missed us (yaaaay!).

    • I slipped my way through town yesterday trying to get things done… exacting – cold outside, hot in the stores – jacket on, jacket off…. GAH. 😀

  5. Great, funny photos! You know how to make running fun which is so cool! The sun in your photos looks so good, too. Aaaahhhhh suuuuuunn! (It’s 30 degrees with flurries here!)

  6. Well done for completing all those runs and rides! I’m looking forward to our Christmas by the beach this doing laps and walking the length of the bay (and spending time with me little nieces and nephews) Merry Christmas 🙂

  7. I bet it’s wonderful to look back and see all that you have accomplished on those runs! Winter is not my favorite either. I’ve been focusing on the fact that the days should start to lengthen now, even if spring is distant.

  8. Great to see the summery photos — those are some great events!

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