14 by Peter Clines



It’s so hard to find a decent apartment that is affordable.

When Nate gets a tip on an apartment at an incredible price with utilities included he jumps at the chance to get at it.  While the building is old, the studio like apartment works for Nate and he is moved in quickly.

Things in the building are a little off.  As Nate meets the other tenants he finds that each apartment is very different and each tenant has a reason to not really care because, as previously stated – the price was right.  Yet as the tenants continue to meet up, Nate finds things to be more and more strange.  There is a strange staircase int he basement… and lets not even get started on Apartment that has been painted shut and padlocked and never NEVER rented out.

As the tenants work together to solve the mystery of their building cautiously avoiding the building manager, things become more and more strange…


I discovered this book on audible.com last week and thought it sounded really interesting.  Sci fi is not normally my thing and for the most part the book did not give off a sci-fi feel (until the very end). 

I really enjoyed the mystery and the friendships built-in this book.  Never creepy or gory I found I enjoyed this audio right from the very first.  Narrator Ray Porter did a fantastic job for a multiple character read.   Normally I don’t like books with many characters playing front and center as I find it confusing to get to know them – but that was not the case in 14, the characters were introduced to Nate at a good pace and perhaps because it was a first meeting for him as well. it seemed to work for me too.

Half way through this read I knew I wanted to try something else by this author as well.  I see he has many other books but they all looked pretty sci-fi based to me and again, not my style.  This one seemed to be his first dabbling into a bit of suspense/adventure and mystery almost taking center stage.  Although I may try him anyway as I was so impressed with this one.

Again, I listened to this on audio. While not my usual genre, I think this would greatly appeal to lovers of sci fi.   This book won the best sci-fi audiobook of 2012 by Audible.com.

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  1. 14 is a great read. His other available audiobooks have a very comic book feel to them. The Ex-series is about Superheroes vs. Zombies. Very good if you like that sort of thing.

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