So…. This is The End?


Happy December 21!  So here we all are on the day that generated news articles, jokes, movies, count down timers… and more.  It is like the end all right, the end of an era of a Mayan trend.  As I look at my window at the sun shining its hard to imagine anything different.

Some friends of mine are going to a Mayan “End Of The World” party tonight.  Al and I are going to a friend’s house who has a standing get together each year the Friday before Christmas. Not Mayan themed, but if I owned anything “Mayanish” I would probably wear it. 😀

SO in light of this day… I must share some of my favorite (perhaps a little inappropriate) jokes I have seen regarding the Mayan calendar… I am so sorry, but I must get this on the blog:




Ok – I have to work out yet, have a lunch date with friends, a little shopping to do, and then home this afternoon to read a bit and prep my food for tonight’s gathering.  I hope your 12-21-12 is a good one. 

Any fun plans for today or through the weekend?  Any Mayan jokes to share?

18 Comments on “So…. This is The End?

  1. As my brother pointed out there is a reason the Mayan Calendar goes so long before a cycle ends. Swapping out those huge stone calendars each year would be such a pain… 🙂

  2. Even though I was pooh-poohing the predictions (Seriously? We have a heads-up for the End of the World?), a part of me must have been a tad worried, as the theme threaded its way through my dreams last night. And when I woke up, I had to double-check that the world around me looked normal. LOL

    Love your jokes, especially the one about Twinkies. And Dick Clark.

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  4. We are officially done with all of our holiday parties, Christmas tree sales fundraising for Scouts, school events, sports practices, etc. and will be commencing with the rest and relaxation this afternoon – hallelujah! 🙂

  5. No jokes here. However, we had a huge rainstorm last night and people across the state line in Binghamton, NY who have suffered through 2 terrible floods in the past few years were up in the middle of the night pacing the floor and praying that the world wasn’t coming to an end. Today we’re all here and the rain has turned to very pretty snow. Merry Christmas to all.

  6. Carl and Vance are having an “end of the world” tasting at their store tonight. I’ll go and celebrate the end there.

  7. My favorite end of the world joke so far was “People are talking about the apocalypse like there is no tomorrow.”

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