The Raven’s Heart by Jesse Blackadder



The Blackadder family has waited a long long time to bring their name back to restoration.  Stemming back all the way back to young Alison’s grandmother who was captured and forced into marriage with a man named Hume.  Quickly sending her son William away so he was not captured and killed, the times have changed and history is made….

Now in Scotland 1561, William is aboard a ship with Alison who has been kept safe by being disguised as a boy since she was a young girl.  Now with the long-awaited Queen returning, William feels the tide is about to change, and he hopes, in his favor.  It is now up to Alison yo let go of the learned male ways of walking and talking, and instead take on the role of a lady in waiting to the Queen.  

Alison, has to wonder, how is she about to pull this off?



Ahhhhh.  It has been a long time since I have been able to indulge in historical fiction.  The Raven’s Heart was an excellent selection to break back into a genre that I enjoy.  Based on the true story of Mary Queen Of Scots, author Jesse Blackadder weaves a fictional thread through what we know to be true and adding in this delicious tale.

Alison’s role in the book is a tough one, perhaps if she had grown up as a lady things may have been easier but, readers of this book will find that having been raised as a boy to protect her from danger has caused this change to be difficult. 

I like a book that engages me from the start and I was lucky and pleased to discover this one did.  The fast pace on the novel kept me up late at night not being able to find a break in the action to put it down until, droopy eyed, I had to.  Now that – makes for good reading!

While a love interest is apparent in the novel, this is not a romance, instead the book leans on action, suspense, and a little mystery.  Filled with characters that felt real, I found the book overall to be an enjoyment to read and learned a little history along the way.


Note:  You probably noticed that the authors last name is the same last name used in the book.  Author Jesse Blackadder traveled to Scotland in 2004 to trace the roots of her name… her name signifies the original Blackadder Estate and House, by the time she left, this story was coming together in her head.




7 Comments on “The Raven’s Heart by Jesse Blackadder

  1. Not my usual genre, but I do enjoy an intriguing tale of family history and the things required to save a family’s name.

  2. I LOVE historical fiction, dabble in it myself, and don’t read nearly enough of it! I’ll definitely be adding this one to my list! 😀 Thanks!

  3. I like the story b ehind the Jessica name. Sounds so much like The Winter Sea. I’ve won this in a giveaway and cant wait to receive it.

  4. This is the second positive review I read about this book. Adding it to my TBR list because I love historical fiction and this sounds like an exciting story.

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