Morning Meaderings… Book Reviewers, Do You Ever Forget To Review A Book?


Good morning fellow book lovers!  I can’t tell you how good I feel.  But – of course I will try….  😀 

After the craziness and business of life recently I have reached a week of four days in a row – YES!  Four Days in a row that I have no commitments after work.  A moment of silence please for my sanity 🙂  WOO HOO!!!  This means that I can:

Christmas shop at my leisure

Go to the grocery store without feeling rushed

catch up on reviews, memes, things I wanted to check out



So…. this morning I was putting the finishing touches on a review of Round House that I wrote for the her Voice Magazine.  I also wanted to send in my review of Insurgent by Veronica Roth as it was placed in the best of 2012 by Goodreads.  So I do a search for my Insurgent review.  AND I search.  I find it in my Monday What Are You Reading post as a “to be read”, I find it in another morning post on my deck while I was reading it.  But alas – no review.  😯  Seriously, I forgot to review it. 

Please, please tell me that has happened to you.

In other not so craziness, this morning I started listening to 14 by Peter Clines and I am thrilled.  Sometimes audio takes a while for me to get in the rhythm of the read, but this one started out with a real good vibe, I liked the narration right away, and the story line and I literally had a smile on my face this morning as I listened. 

So that’s my morning meandering.  Hope all is going smoothly in this week before Christmas for you. 


Oh, and if you are a reviewer – and you have forgotten to review a book… please share.  I could use the “OOPS!” Company.  😀

20 thoughts on “Morning Meaderings… Book Reviewers, Do You Ever Forget To Review A Book?

  1. Ummm. Yes, maybe once or twice. I once wondered why an author I thought was a sweetheart hadn’t mentioned the glowing review I had given his book, then I found the review in the draft sections of my website. I’ve also “forgotten” to review a book which was quite dull but the publisher (the author’s wife) was lovely and I didn’t have the heart to be mean to her.

  2. yep! when I first started my blog I set up a few placeholders for reviews I wanted to do and then realized that I never did them (2+ years later)…lol!

  3. I try not to forget a book tour I’ve scheduled a review for, and so far I haven’t. But there could always be a first….Glad you caught the Oops!

  4. I’m sorry to report that I haven’t….but only because my pattern is to review right after I finish reading. And, to be fair, I don’t have the crazy life you have! lol

    Something invariably slips through the cracks when you’re crazy-busy.

  5. It’s not crazy, it’s being busy! Maybe you need a checklist somewhere, like a To Blog, and then you can add the book as you finish it. That way, you won’t forget! But honestly, what’s the worst thing that happens if you do forget? Nothing! So you’re good either way! 🙂

  6. Not quite forgotten but decided not to write and regretted it later. And the issue is when you’ve outright decided not to you’ve no notes so it’s pretty impossible to write one later. Hoping this note thing isn’t the case for you and you remember enough about the Roth to write about it if you wish to!

  7. I have forgotten to review a book that I read from the library, but not an advance copy. However, I have started to write reviews a couple of times, only to realize that I have already written the review and posted it a few weeks prior. It’s a relief when I realize that, but then I wonder what is becoming of my memory.

  8. Not with books received for review…but the books I buy or get from the library are regularly pushed down the to-review list 😦 I hope to change that in 2013 because there are so many gems that I never took the time to review.

  9. Yes – It has happened to me. As I mentioned on the It’s Monday comment I was surprised to go back and find I didn’t put up a review for One Second After. I have to check my word files because I remember it in my head! 🙂

  10. I’m a bit late chiming in… (I really meant to respond before this) yup, I’ve forgotten to write up a book once or twice. Obviously there are times I plan to do something and it gets forgotten; like responding to this post 😉

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