Morning Meanderings… Books and Guns


Good morning!  Wow, I have been up since 6:30, filled the stove, completed some laundry, cleaned the kitchen and have listened to some audio.  Later I have some more house cleaning to do, a few errands to run and then later afternoon I am looking forward to a little quiet reading time.

Tomorrow… is another story.  I am signed up for the Permit To Carry Class.  This is a gun training class that has been on my bucket list for a few years now.  As much as I do not want to spend 8 hours in a class on a Saturday (my FAVORITE day of the week!), this is something I want to complete…. so there it is.

A friend of mine is coming over later today to let me use her gun for practice today and for the class tomorrow.  All of this cracks me up a bit because it even seems funny to me that I am doing this, but the bottom line is I want to know how to handle a gun, and the best way to do that is to go through the proper training. 

Anyhoo…. that’s whats happening here.  😀   I have a post or two I want to write and am going to work on that now before I get busy on this house. 

Hope your weekend is going to be AWESOME.  What are your plans?

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  1. OMG…a gun toting bookie! I can’t even grasp this thought! Have fun!

  2. Yikes! Good luck with your class.

  3. It’s great that you’re doing that class! Good for you! It’s funny you posted this today because my best friend just texted me last night to show that she’d gotten a new, ahem, PINK .25 handgun and wanted me to go shooting with her. I guess it’s a gals-with-guns sort of weekend! Have fun! 😉

  4. Ha-ha…I can’t quite picture it. Will you be changing your profile photo to “gun-toting bookish babe”?

  5. I think gun safety is important. I took a hunter’s safety class when I was in high school (not part of the high school curriculum, though …).

  6. Tomorrow I am helping out with Help-Portrait ( and going to a Christmas party afterwards hosted by two of my good friends.

  7. boardinginmyforties

    Good luck with your training and have a GREAT weekend!

  8. Ashley Montgomery

    Sounds like fun. Good luck!

    This weekend we’re putting up the Christmas decorations. I just hope everything still works from last year.

  9. Plans are my 1st official 10k. OMG! Then walking in local parade with my cross country team tomorrow afternoon. Shopping on Sunday. Reading when, when, when???? Gotta fit it in somehow or I’ll be stark crazy! 🙂


  10. Yikes. I am terrified of guns. I don’t even like fake ones. Although, if there was one in my house I’d force myself to learn how to use it. Good luck with the class!

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