As a Book Lover, Are Books On Your Christmas/Wish List?


It’s that time of year, even though Minnesota is just starting to get t the snow part which as much as I hate snow, it does make it feel more like the season.  SO looking out the window at the lawn, it makes it a little hard to believe that in about two weeks it will be Christmas.

I think it is always funny when friends/family say “I know you love to read but you have so many books that I would never get you a book.”

What they are missing is I love getting books for any occasion. 

A book from a friend to me means it is something they think I will enjoy.  I love the meaning behind that.  They are sharing an adventure within the pages and if they have already read it and want to share that adventure with me, even better.  How many gifts out there really come in a nice square (EASY to wrap!) package that is not only lovely to hold… but to go inside, and meet …




That is so exciting to me! 

To let me friends and family know the books I hope to experience, I keep an Amazon wish list.  I find it easy to use, quick to add new books to, and it makes an easy way for others to pick out something they know I would love.

My questions to you is that as fellow book lovers (HIGH FIVE!) Are books on your wish list?  Do you receive books from friends and family as gifts?  How do you communicate to them what you would enjoy reading?

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  1. Surprisingly enough, books are not on my wishlist. They are cheap enough, and I use the library a lot – so I rexerve my wishes for bog ticket items. This year, an indoor bike trainer, a(nother) wedding ring (don’t ask), and maybe a treadmill 🙂

  2. So funny you asked this, because a few days ago sent out the GoodReads top ten book list to friends and family and wrote, ‘Wouldn’t these make great holiday gifts? I haven’t read any of them and they look good!’ The problem, of course, is cost. Spending $27.95 at my local bookseller, even for the ones I love, is a little excessive. I do buy nice used books, again from my local used bookseller, and that helps the budget!

  3. Books are always on my list for any occasion or no occasion at all! I just love to get books. I always have a list on my goodreads of what I wish to buy. My girls go on there and buy one whenever they want to. I love it!

  4. A bike trainer is definitely nice, although my husband uses ours quite a bit more than I do. Maybe that’s because it’s his (old) bike on the trainer?

    I’ve got a list at Amazon, too, but most of my family is sick of buying me books.

  5. I don’t ask for books because I don’t need any more books. As an Amazon Prime customer, new books are just one click away if I yield to temptation. What I really want is time to read the books I already have.

  6. They would be but my family won’t buy them for me, as there have been too many years where I’ve ruined their surprise by buying or borrowing a title myself.

  7. The only wish list I share with relatives is my amazon list. It has books, cds and dvds on it, but only those I really want – my top wishes. I have huge wish lists for books on other sites (like paperbackswap and bookmooch) but I don’t share those with family because they wouldn’t know which are a priority for me, and some I have on there as “maybe”s. Even with all of that, I hardly ever receive books from my family as gifts. I think they don’t want to accidentally get me something I’ve already read, and my side of the family likes for gifts to be a true surprise so they won’t look at wish lists. And boy have I received some weird gifts due to this tendency. 🙂

  8. Due to Amazon having some good deals lately I don’t have any books on ,my wish list any more. They are in my tablet. Couldn’t pass by deals on The Twelve Winter of the World !

  9. Until the year my daughter bought my Sparky (my Kindle), I always got gift cards for bookstores, etc. None would even try to select an individual book, as I have read so many and they would worry about being wrong.

  10. I don’t usually put books on my wishlist. If I really want a book I usually just buy it. Sometimes people get me limited editions of books I really like, though, that’s always nice. 🙂 But I don’t ask for them. I do ask for book-ish things, though, like t-shirts with literary quotes on them, etc.

  11. I finally broke down this year and gave hubbie a list of books I would like so he can choose from that. I keep a public list on LibraryThing of what I’ve read and want to read, but I guess he doesn’t know about that! Plus, not everything on the TBR list is necessarily something I want to own, so I guess he has a point that it’s hard to know what book(s) to buy, even though everyone knows I like to receive books as gifts! I had to laugh at Alyce’s comments about receiving strange gifts, because I was that person for a long time who didn’t want people to tell me what they wanted so it would be a surprise. And they must have rolled their eyes at getting yet another book that I just knew would be perfect for them even though they had never heard of it!

  12. I don’t have specific books on my list but I’m always up for gift cards. I’d like a treadmill this year so I can watch movies while I work out. Fantasy wish is a big book room. Time is always good. I read a lot and it would be nice to be able to read the whole TBR pile.

    M knows favorite authors but unless it came out yesterday he doesn’t get it for me. Too many prime pre-orders 😉

  13. Not books. I do not put a specific book on my wish list but I do always ask for a book voucher or now kindle voucher. My little heart flutters at the thought of getting my Christmas Kindle voucher.

  14. I keep an Amazon wish list, too. But I haven’t suggested books to anyone this year because I have so many piles of books waiting to be read already.

  15. I totally agree! Books are a GREAT gift, all the adventure and characters they hold inside… well put. I admit though I have started shying away from asking for books for my birthday or the holidays, mostly because I feel guilty—usually when I obtain a physical book it ends up sitting for a long time before I get around to reading it. I still have a few books I got last year for Christmas that I haven’t read yet! I don’t feel too badly if I buy them for myself and they sit, but when it’s a gift… I really should get around to reading them sooner. That’s also why I never borrow books from anyone (except my mother, we have an understanding!)

  16. I don’t buy books for myself (I could never affrod to buy at the rate I read), but I love to gie and receive books. Because I also lack storage space, I usually “re-gift” by books to others. I think I like sharing my love of books as much as I like the reading.

  17. One of my dear sons asked what books are on my wish list. So, I emailed a very abbreviated list to him:
    200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans by Jan Eaton

    Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman

    Dreaming in French:The Paris Years of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Susan Sontag, and Angela Davis by Alice Kaplan

    The Will of Wisteria by Denise Hildreth

    Cronkite by Douglas Brinkley


  18. It’s so weird when people say they won’t get you a book. My boyfriend said he didn’t want to buy me any books this year, and wanted to know what I’d like for Christmas. Erm, books, perhaps? I like receiving books that the giver has read, it forms a further connection with them even if you find you don’t like the book. I tend to just tell people which books I’m after, and they tell me theirs (on the rare occasion I get to give a book!)

  19. I don’t stop reading long enough for anyone to buy me books. As soon as I finish one I’m straight online to download (boo hiss boo) the next in the series or the next on my list!

  20. I make sure to keep my Amazon Wish List updated so “Santa” can be sure to review it. : )

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