Morning Meanderings… pics of the past


Good morning!  What a surprise!  Another Saturday I am running out the door, this time to gun training class (dont ask… Bucket List thing 😛 ) but I wanted to put some pics up for Alyce’s Saturday Snapshot.

A couple days ago I was digging through some old papers and started looking at pictures.  This time of year from Thanksgiving to Christmas is always a little harder on me as I think a lot about my family, all of which who are gone from this earth at young ages.

I thought today I would post a couple of my dad with the King Salmon he caught in 1979:



Dad and my Uncle Dallas. All pics taken in Soldotna ALaska

and one more I found …


The last one is me – I think three years old?  Notice I am wearing one show….LOL

Ok, got to get ready but stop over to see Alyce at At Home With Books to see others Saturday Snapshots.

20 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… pics of the past

  1. I’m sure the holidays are rough with your family gone. Your dad was quite handsome. That is one huge fish!

  2. It great to reminisce. I really need to get mine organized and scanned into the computer. I have drawers full!. My dad liked to fish too, though he never got to fish for salmon. Love your one shoe on, one shoe off. LOL My Post is Here

  3. I’ve been scanning pictures too!! Something I can do since I can’ lift more than 5 pounds, recovering from surgery 😦

  4. Those are wonderful memories to hold on to…

  5. Wow, that is one huge fish, and a memorable occasion. I like looking at my old photos but then there is the emotional response some of them create… so I do understand.

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