Breaking Dawn Part II (yes! See it!!!)


For the second time this afternoon, I went to see Breaking Dawn II at the theaters.  I would have reviewed it when I seen it opening night but life busyness has not made it possible until now.

And believe me when I say I want to review this book. 

Like most Twilight fans I have read the books a long time ago.  I have heard the feedback on books and the movies, even have written reviews for all three books.  I have watched the movies and have understood the jokes people had made of them – but let me say… no matter what you have thought of the Twilight books/movies in the past, this one is worth seeing.

Visually the movie is amazing.  Everything that has true up to this point pulls together for a dynamic finish that is in a word….




Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and yes, Kristen Stewart (she must have read the online comments) were at top game.  The supporting actors are pretty incredible too and we are treated to many new faces.  While we did not get a gratuitous shirt removing from Jacob (Taylor) like we were treated to in Breaking Dawn part 1, we are treated to many laugh out loud moments, as well as intense ones.  It’s a good mix.

The ending – well, the ending is BRILLIANT.  I can say nothing more than that, I can say – readers of the books and fans of the movies alike are in for a real treat. 

My final thoughts…. treat yourself to this finale.


11 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn Part II (yes! See it!!!)

  1. I definitely liked the twist ending. It was interesting to see Bella as a vampire and I enjoyed the humorous scenes with Charlie. There is a scene where Jacob doesn’t have his shirt on but it is played for humor as opposed to just showing off his physique. I was worried that I would hate Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 considering how I feel about the book but that wasn’t the case. I may try rereading the book sometime but I think I prefer the movies.

    1. My son hated the first movie. He hates it (as do I) when movies stray from the book. If I remember right the town name was different from the one in the book. At the time I seen the first movie, I was still reading the first book so I didn’t know the differences. He loved this last one though.

  2. Ohh I’m looking forward to watching the movie! I want to wait until is available in DVD because I want to watch it in Original Version and in Spain you can’t do this at cinemas. But I’m not a great-great fun, I can wait 😉

  3. Yay, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s already seen this twice! The first time I saw it was the Thursday night, before release day, and the crowd reaction was absolutely amazing. The second time was with a bunch of friends who just wanted to go to giggle, and that was a lot of fun, too.

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