Morning Meanderings…. Turkey Coma and Kick Off To New Things!

Good morning!  😀

Who’s up?  Who’s shopping?  Who’s sleeping?  Who can’t move off the couch or recliner?  😀

My son and I did the Thursday evening shopping thing but with a bunch of snow that was dumped on us yesterday it was cold and windy and wet and we decided we were not going to wait in lines and freeze for a good deal.  We didn’t really care if we got the items that were on out list or not as there was no “MUST HAVE!” item this year on our lists.

A friend of mine got to Wal-Mart at 5 pm and waited for the sales.  We walked in at 5 to 8 (when the sale started) and got the same sales that she did 😀 

We then went to Target and walked in after the doors had opened at 9 pm and walked right to the TV I was looking at for our cabin and the Blueray DVD player I have been considering as well.  Justin got a dvd player and we both picked up an assortment on movies.  BOOM!  😀  We were done with both stores and home by 10 pm.  😀 

We did not see any big draws to pull us back out this morning so I am enjoying a nice quiet morning with my Jasmine tea.  Justin is sleeping, Al left at 4 am to move equipment to the next job.  Later today Justin and I will go see Breaking Dawn II (yes I have already seen it… do not judge!  😛 )  This will be a beautifully quiet day and I am so glad for it. 😀


As far as new things I mentioned a week or so ago the shakes that my son has been doing and has me on now too.  So far I have been inconsistent with them as life has again been busy and I have had many food related events as of late.  This week though looks to be a better one to get started on, I will be posting an update today on what I am doing and what I know so far. 😀

I hope you all enjoy your day.  I would love to hear if you went shopping and if you did how was it and did you get what you were looking for? 😀

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  1. No shopping for us. Glad you got what you wanted and still get a quiet morning today, though!

  2. I HATE crowds and long lines, so Black Friday is a day I stay home and read or watch movies. That’s what I’m enjoying today! Have a good one….

  3. I didn’t even look at the ads so there was no shopping for me. I’m glad you got what you wanted.

  4. You must have a more civilized version of Black Friday up north. Here, ie Chicago suburbs, there were loooong lines outside stores and people camping out in the parking lot to make that mad dash into the store when it opened… parking lots completely full and people talking of parking 5 blocks away. Insanity! I stayed home am still home. I think it might be safe now to venture out to the Walgreens.

  5. I never have nor will go shopping. Honestly, I hate the whole idea of shopping, even grocery shopping!! But I’m glad that you had a good time with your son! Happy Thanksgiving a day late!

  6. I stayed home from the shopping this year, and enjoyed relaxing instead (especially when that included snuggles with my 8 month old niece). 🙂 We’re home from visiting relatives now, and having fun watching Doctor Who.

  7. You forgot to ask “Who’s working?” and I would have said “ME!”. Until 12 midnight……at Walmart. It was nuts but fun, but I will be glad when it is over. I’m glad you found what you were looking for 😀

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