Morning Meanderings… Dropping Off The Face Of The Blog



I have to say that going into this week I had no idea that I was going to go MIA this week.   Life has a way of zapping all my time and energy lately.  I thought this week was going to be mellower, but if this gives you any inkling of how things are going, I am currently in a car going to the cities for a Library Assessment/two day meeting. 

No… I am not driving.  😛

I did actually write a fun post yesterday morning and my computer did that AWESOME thing again where I hit post it logged me out of wordpress and I had lost half of the post and no time to rewrite before work. 

So anyway I am alive, just still living a crazy life that should (really…) slow down after I get back from Florida that first week of November.  I will keep in touch now throughout the weekend – I am in a hotel in the cities tonight so should have some time to review and write a little.  😀



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  1. Yes, that happened with your review of Good in Bed, too, I think….I got an e-mail, but there was no post.

    You’re just very, very busy and tired…hope you get to relax this weekend!

    • HI Laurel, ahhh yes Good In Bed. I started that review – meant to draft it because I was not finished and accidentally published. I pulled it right away. 😀 I hope to get a chance to finish it today.

  2. Glad you’re not driving and posting 🙂 Anyway, maybe next time before you hit post, you could copy. That way, if WordPress logs you out, just log back in and paste.

    I have abundant experience with this. I have lost messages written on Yahoo and Goodreads. Also, my iPad has crashed in the middle of posting comments on blogs.

  3. Hmmm…when I went to post the comment, WordPress asked me to enter my PW, I did and my comment was saved. I had taken my own advice and copied before hitting post. You lost yours?

  4. WordPress has a bad habit of doing that. I save constantly, after almost every paragraph now. Now go relax! lol

  5. Keep safe. I hate losing stuff on the computer. It’s a sinking feeling in my tummy.

  6. I know how that feels! I am nearly COMPLETELY booked every day until at least November 10 (between a FT job, rehearsals/concerts for two orchestras I play in, a PT editing/music reviewing job… etc. etc. etc.!) Have a fun trip!

    • A lot of that booking I bring on myself… I have to practice “no” more often. I packed this morning for this trip… I have been tired to do anything ahead of time like I used to.

  7. i hear ya !
    not a hero & won’t be doing it aLL 🙂
    safe journeys and some good times in the mix…!

  8. I love my computer until it does something like that! I admire the fact that you can ride and write at the same time. Have a fun time at the conference!

  9. Take care Sheila, Life has been in my way lately as well…LOL how does that happen?

  10. boardinginmyforties

    Sorry to hear that things have been so crazy for you. I hope you will enjoy your weekend!

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