Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner

Camie Shapiro enjoyed her as a reporter for the Philadelphia Examiner.  Her quick wit and sharp mind make her stories interesting and she had no problem writing about anyone or anything… 


when the day came she opened up a national women’s magazine and seen an article titled “Good In Bed” written by her “on pause” boyfriend, Bruce, things changed.  Bruce’s article is about his ex-girlfriend…. and about their sex life.  And when Bruce refers to this woman as good in bed, but “plus size” and curvy and some reference to a line backer… Camie is shocked to realize he is writing about her.

Loving a larger woman is an act of courage in our world, Bruce has written.

As if Camie’s world wasn’t already a hot mess with her fathers disappearing act, her mother finding love in another woman’s arms, and her sister into God only knows what… now she can deal with the insecurities of being called out about her size in a very public way…

Jennifer was a speaker at BEA this past June.

Many years ago a few of the girls in my book club were reading this book.  I was appalled thinking the title referred to a book that was going to be all about sex and multiple relationships.  Note to self, Do not judge a book by it’s title…

Flash forward and now I have a few of Jennifer Weiner’s books read and I had found the title on audio so thought I would give it a try.  Turns out Good In Bed, is not so bad…
The Good In Bed title while definitely a good “caught my attention” title, is somewhat misleading… while that is what the article in the magazine  is about (not a spoiler, that’s on the synopsis on the book) , the book itself is very non-sexual, I think I could safely give it a PG13 rating.

While not as engaging as some of Jennifer’s books – the audio was still good.  I liked Camie throughout most of the book finding her to be a likeable protagonist for the majority of the book.  Her relationship with Bruce (or the one she imagines) is a little “Bridget Jones’ish” but don’t go jonesing just yet – as while you get a bit of that vibe… Camie is a whole other story.

To sum it up I found Good In Bed to be simply a good listen, nothing over the top and a bit predictable as I figured out what most likely was going to happen early on in the book and that is the way it all went down. 

2 thoughts on “Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner

  1. I think this was the first book I read by this author, so now that I’ve read others of hers, I plan to go back and reread. To see what I think now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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