Morning Meanderings… The Comprehensive Plan For Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Good morning!  I like this picture because it really captures most mornings for me…. coffee coffee coffee, like fuel to a car. 😛

Those of you who have blogged for any amount of time have probably had offers made for people to guest post on your blog.  The truly funny ones are ones that have nothing to do with what you blog about, they could be offering to share with your readers about tires for your car, UGG Boots, vitamins and vacation destinations… all of which have been plugged to me…. and no they did not offer anything in return or I may have caved on the vacation one and Book Journey would have become “Traveling With Book Journey” or something like that…. and I would go to fascinating places like Hawaii and Aruba and telling you what I was reading while sipping some delicious fruity drink and sporting some amazing tan…


a girl can dream.

I digress..

SO, a couple of days ago I receive the email says that they noticed I talk about zombies from time to time.  😯

I do?


This is a stretch but their may have been zombie like creatures in the Passage that I read a couple of years ago… Flyers or Virals I believe they were called…  hmmmm….. well anyway, it was the next line that caught my attention…


we thought your readers may like detailed information on how to prepare a barn or garage for the zombie apocalypse.

Well… what sort of person would I be if I did not pass this vital information on to you?  And seriously, what if this post…. saved a life?  😛


And honestly, we are still five days out from Halloween… plenty of time to grab a couple of buddies and put up a pole barn.  😉  AND as the article says, since money will soon be useless, why not opt for the concrete floor?  This will lead to avoiding zombies tunneling under your building.

The article goes from how to design your pole barn, to how to stock it, the weapons you need… a team.  One of my favorite parts of the article is choosing your team…

Choosing Your Survival Team

As with everything in life, it’s all about the people you know. The last thing you want to do it be holed up with a useless, hysterical mob.

Stay away from:

  • People in the entertainment industry* (actors, singers, models, etc.)

  • People in useless white collar trades like SEOs, marketing professionals, accountants, and salesmen

  • People who are overly bubbly or overly depressing (you’d wind up throwing them to the zombies eventually)

*The exception to this rule might be comedians…everyone needs a good laugh!

Your ideal team of Zombie Apocalypse survivors will include:

  • Someone with military and/or police experience, preferably an expert marksman

  • Someone with hunting/foraging experience

  • A nurse, doctor, or veterinarian (honestly, a vet might be your best bet if you also have livestock)

  • Someone with farming/gardening experience

  • A handyman who has mechanical experience

  • A genius who dabbles in everything from computers to mechanical engineering

  • A few “blue collar” folk not afraid to get their hands dirty, learn new things, and do some grunt work



Isn’t that awesome?  That’s my funny for the day.  I am still in the cities at the library/literacy Leadership Training.  Day one was good and in about an hour we will kick off day two.  I will be heading back home tonight after 5.   Hope your day is wonderful.  I am listening to I, Michael Bennett this morning on my IPOD,  love that series.  🙂


Oh… and if you want to read the rest of the article on Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, ummm…. you know, just for ummmm…. research.  Feel free to do so here.

12 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The Comprehensive Plan For Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

  1. I think I object! As per the first rule of people to stay away from, I think writers might be included in that! I hereby voice an indignant “HEY!” for all writers and authors out there. ;D

  2. Also, if you engage in pre-martial sex, I don’t care how talented you are with a gun or a garden tool… you’re going to die first. Horror movies don’t lie.

  3. My husband and I have been hooked on The Walking Dead lately… going to have to share this post with him! I’m a dummy—never would have thought about the concrete floor. Ha!

  4. I missed this post back when it came out! Funny! I guess librarians and book bloggers aren’t going to be much use in the zombie apocalypse, and I’m so out of shape I’m not sure I could actually even outrun a zombie. (At least you’re a runner!)

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