Morning Meanderings… New Books In Da’ House!”

Good morning!  I am here this morning with coffee and listening to Rick Springfield’s book Late Late AT Night… read, by him.  It’s not bad.  After a nap on Sunday afternoon, an embarrassing nape yesterday afternoon and then another one a couple hours later… I think I am caught up form the hustle of last week.  Now I play catch up!

For starters this morning I really wanted to post about the books that have graced my mailbox and my door step the past two weeks. 

OOH right?  I think it is kind of funny that I got a book on beer and a book on wine i the same week. 😀   I can not wait to have some good reading time!!!

Today I work and then I should run some errands as tomorrow is busy and Thursday morning I leave for the Library Sessions… more on that later this week. 

Any of these books look interesting to you?  Have you read any of them? 

10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… New Books In Da’ House!”

  1. I got Forgotten this past week…I have loved the other books by this author. Sad Desk Salad has possibilities, I think. And I saw How to Love Wine on a blog earlier today. Enjoy!

    And obviously you needed those naps!

  2. Ooohweee! Look at those stacks! Doesn’t that make you a giddy girl? Love it 🙂 I have The Lincoln Conspiracy waiting for me as well. I’ve heard good stuff about Born This Way, can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  3. I loved Rick Springfield when I was a young teen. Bought all his records and even touched his hand when he played at our local fair!!! You will have to drink either beer or wine this week as you read your books!! 😀

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