Sad Desk Salad by Jessica Grose


Alex Lyons loves her job as a writer for Chick Habit ‘s website.  After all who wouldn’t love a job where you get to sit at home on your couch scouring the web for hours looking for the next big story.  Celebrity mishaps is Alex’s bread and butter, and she knows she is only as good as her last story. 

When a juicy tip comes in about a squeaky clean Ivy League daughter, Alex in on that like white on rice.  This tip is too hot and way to good to pass on… but will Alex’s “tell all” be worth the pain and destruction it will cause in the girl’s life?  And what will it do to Alex’s own life?

Why did I want to read this book?  Helloooooo… look at that fun title!  Right away I was curious about this and had to (had to!) know more!
Sad Desk Salad is a fun read for anyone who enjoys on-line blog reading (like me!)  Alex is witty and clever, and hey – so is author Jessica Grose who sprinkled the magic dust that made Alex come to life in this “snort out loud” tale of the blogging world from a tabloid like atmosphere.  (And really – why not?  As author Jessica Grosse happens to be editor of a site called Jezebel and Slate. )
The title refers to the fact that the fictional Chick Habit’s website in the book gets the most hits over the work day lunch hour when the women are at their desks eating their sad salads and scanning the internet for their favorite gossip. 
While Alex is not always awesome – clearly her “work from home” hygiene habits need some literal “cleaning up”, she was surrounded by enough secondary characters that leveled her out so I was able to take her faults in stride.    Mostly I enjoyed the way the book held my attention and whenever I had to sit it down (darn life stuff like work and errands!) I found myself thinking about how it would all play out.
A good debut novel about online blogging and where to draw a line when it comes to privacy in today’s highly social networking world.  Worthy of taking a look at and maybe enjoying this lite read over a few or your own lunch breaks. 



15 thoughts on “Sad Desk Salad by Jessica Grose

  1. Great review. I have listened to Gross for years and am interested in supporting her, it’s nice to know the book is solid. I’m not accepting anything right now that since I’m only reading about a book a month these days… how did life get so busy?

  2. I just posted my review of this yesterday, I enjoyed it as a light read but wasn’t overly impressed I must admit

  3. I thought it was a fun read too…and enjoyed the behind the scenes look at the professional blogging world 🙂 Like you, though, I did not completely get the whole not taking a shower for several days and wearing the same dress over and over again :/ Yuck!

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