Banned Book Week Day Five – 10+ Giveaways and posts

Day five!  I hope you have been enjoying these posts and finding them informative.  I am having a blast working with all these awesome bloggers who have put forth their thoughts on banned books and many with giveaways too!  Before I list today’s participants remember at the bottom this post I am listing the four previous days participants as well and these are DNM (Do Not Miss) posts!  There has been a lot of great banned book reviews and I have entered some of the awesome giveaways as well!  😀

But first…



Ok lets see who is up today and what they have to say…


The AWESOME Natalie from Coffee and a Book Chick is sharing today about The Chocolate War and hosting a book giveaway! 


Sweet Florinda from The 3 R’s Blog  (and I as well!) will be reviewing The Chocolate War, she read it and I listened to it on audio.  Check out my post later because oh yes, there will be chocolate!



The amazing Cass from Bonjour Cass will be sharing her thoughts about banning children’s books  and she will host a book giveaway as well!



**  so I am going to break in here to share a fun fact about these 3 above bloggers.  I have all three of them in person in New York.  I had dinner with Natalie and Florinda and I have went to the broadway play, Mary Poppins with Cass. 😀



Kendal from Kinx Book Nook is sharing thoughts on The Color Of The Earth, a fantastic looking book! 


Shannon from I Run, Teach, Read is posting about an old favorite of mine, Little House On The Prairie.  Yup. A banned book.  Check out her post to find out why it was banned.  She is also hosting a giveaway.



Tara at Finding Wonderland is reviewing Catcher In The Rye with a book giveaway!



Johnathon Of The Rogue Scholar has taken on Brave New World along with a book giveaway.  (Oh and I am loving his style for his giveaway… just saying 😀 )



Kai from A Fiction State Of Mind is reviewing LUSH and having a gift card giveaway!


Michelle from The True Book Addict is sharing thoughts on The Girl With The Pearl Earring!



Tracy at Uncharted Parent is posting on The Color Of The Earth (I must get this book!)


Wendy at Musings Of A Bookish Kitty is going to talk about a book called Blankets.  I love the cover of this one and I want to know more about it.



Katie from Book Addict Katie is chatting up To Kill A Mockingbird and offering a book giveaway!



Stacy from A Novel Source is reviewing The Dead Zone and having a book giveaway (I never get tired of book giveaways… just saying 😀 )



And do not forget the posts earlier this week with great info and tons of active giveaways!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4


Dont forget I am offering up a Banned Book Package with a gift card!  By commenting on any (or all) of the posts on banned books I have linked this week – including my own, you are entered… that means one entry per comment so go, learn about these great books – and have some fun!


SO that’s todays offerings.  😀  I am working today but an going ot the library to help with their E Book launch this morning which may be fun. 😀   I know I have a banned book ot two to pick up as well, so double duty.  😀   Out weather has turned MUCH COOLER this week which is not making me too thrilled as I have a 50 mile bike ride this coming Sunday in Mankato, MN.

What book are you reading today?

21 thoughts on “Banned Book Week Day Five – 10+ Giveaways and posts

  1. Little House on the Prairie a banned book!!! It’s such a wholesome book. I read it as a child and have re-read it with my daughter. I’m off to check out the posts. Have fun at the library!

  2. Where is The Rogue Scholar’s giveaway of BRAVE NEW WORLD? There’s a long review but no giveaeway in sight.

  3. I am constantly amazed at the books that I read and loved in childhood that have been banned at one time or another. Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn…and now Little House on the Prairie?

    I’m going to check the posts today to see the thoughts from the bloggers…thanks!

  4. Day 5 already? Loving these banned book posts, who would have thought that what is ultimately the result of some narrow minded people would open my eyes to not only so many interesting books but also to so many fascinating people.

    1. Right Tracy – all they see is what they personally do not like about the book and therefore – no one should like the book or be allowed to read it and make up their own mind about it. 🙂

  5. I ditto what laurelrainsnow said above: Dr. Seuss and Little House on the Prairie?? But I have been enjoying reading all the thoughts and reviews. Added some new bloggers as well as new books to my tbr pile!! Thanks!

    1. Thats the fun part of banned book week… there are books out there that I have no desire to read and I know they are not to my liking… but some of these, seriously? I have read some awesome books this week. I need to thank Banned Books week 🙂

  6. It’s been a fun week seeing so many people’s thoughts on book banning and finding new books for my already huge TBR list. 🙂 Right now I’m reading IT by Stephen King.

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