Ready For More? It’s Banned Books – Day Four! (Giveaway Links)

Day four of banned book week already!  Are we having fun?  Have you learned anything about banned books this week?  (Hang on to that question – I am going to ask again at the end of this post. 😀


So… let me dig through the videos… what can we show today.  Hang on, I need to pull some footage off the top shelf….. there.  Ok, here we go:



And there are the amazing bloggers who have banned book posts and giveaways to celebrate today:


Gina At Book Dragon’s Lair comes today with her thoughts on The Absolute True Diary Of A Part Time Indian


Suey from Its All About Books is going to talk to us about Slaughterhouse Five (I haven’t read this one yet!) and a book giveaway!


My buddy Ryan from Reading In Taiwan wrote a great post of Fahrenheit 451 and a discussion on the ban.


Kristi from Kristi Loves Books is going to chat about The Lord Of The Flies (creepy title!) and a book giveaway!


Rachel from Resistance Is Futile is back with Blood and Chocolate.


April from Reading To Write is talking The Land Of The Painted Caves


Crys from Book Em! is discussing SPEAK or Part Time Indian and I cant wait to see which one!  AND a book giveaway!


Sharon from Sharon’s Garden Of Book Reviews is going to discuss Hunger Games and do a book giveaway!



Stephanie from On Page And Screen is up today for American Psycho and a gift card giveaway!



Mine, The Giver with a copy to give away (get that?  The giver?  Then I give a copy…. LOL 😛 )



And dont forget the past three days of posts and giveaways that are still going on:


Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Also, if you are enjoying banned book week, make sure that anytime you stop and check out Bonnie’s Banned Book Blog .  Bonnie posts reviews about banned books all tear long and when I am organized (ummmm…. not currently) I post my banned book reviews there as well. 😀


Ok, I need to get ready for work but I will be back this afternoon to posy another banned book review and… some fun 😀

Have you learned anything about banned books this week?

13 thoughts on “Ready For More? It’s Banned Books – Day Four! (Giveaway Links)

  1. Thanks again for the great links to the reviews and info about some of these books. There’s one each day that surprises me. (Land of the Painted Caves?)

    1. That one stumped me too… its hard to find anything on line about it – I can clearly see it was on the banned list in 2008 but I have no details – here is what it says off today’s post on this book:

      However, it turns out, they simply didn’t like the fact that her characters engaged in sexual acts. The sexual scenes in these books are sometimes graphic, but they aren’t gratuitous. They are simply part of the story and they take up a very small percentage of the pages.

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