Morning Meanderings… Bloggiesta Start up, Banned Book Hop, and An EPIC Meryl Streep fail

Good morning!  Today is the official starting day to Bloggiesta Fall 2012!  Bloggiesta is an awesome time to out and do a little blog maintenance, learn some new tips (yes, even us long time bloggers can learn something new!) and just overall come out the other side feeling awesome about out GREAT blogging community and our blogs.  I love being a part of Bloggiesta!

For me this time around Bloggiesta is going to be surrounded by major going ons in my life and on the blog but I am going to do whatever I can to participate as much as I can.  I am hosting a mini challenge and a gift card giveaway for the event.  I am also hosting a huge Banned Book Party for Banned Book Week that starts Sunday and I am organizing that and participating in the banned book hop (I know, I know….I have said yes to too many things…. 😀 ) with a giveaway as well as the daily giveaways and awesome Banned Book posts that will start up here on Sunday and go through next Saturday.

Did I mention that tomorrow I am hosting a family reunion here at my home for about 50 people?  😯


is never dull.  😛
For my hopes and dreams of Bloggiesta this time around here is my to do list:

1.  Catch up on the reviews I need to write (currently that is 4)

2.  Visit at least 10 new blogs a day throughout the weekend.  (I love visiting blogs!)

3.  Update my side bar to my current reads

4.  Participate in as many of the mini challenges as I can.

That’s it for now – due to obvious reasons (see above) I am going to keep it small and if I can add to this, which I suppose as I look at the mini challenges I will)….

Meryl Streep Movie Night – 1st night…

Quick update on last nights movie night at my home.  I had rented from Netflix the movie The Deer Hunter for our first Meryl Streep Movie night gathering.  You can catch all the details on that here.  So I prepared some cheese and grapes and crackers for my guests and when they arrived we proceded to go watch the movie. 


the movie wouldn’t load. 

I took it out of the DVD player and it was cracked on the bottom.  NO KIDDING!  😯  By the time we were deciding what to do it was 7:30 pm, we called out one local video store who did have a copy but when I looked on line I realized it was 3 hours long.  3 HOURS????  I didn’t even know they made movie that long in the 70’s!  SO…. instead we watched My Sisters Keeper as sadly I had no Meryl Streep movies that I own (s0 my bad!).  My plan is today to pick up the video store copy and I will watch it perhaps tonight or tomorrow night – but I will get it done and we will have our discussion… it may just now have to wait until after Banned Book Week.  😀

So that is what is happening here.  I would love to hear about your weekend plans.  Are you participating in Bloggiesta?  In banned book week? 

11 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Bloggiesta Start up, Banned Book Hop, and An EPIC Meryl Streep fail

  1. I’m catching up on as many reviews as I can over the weekend. October is going to be a VERY busy month on the blog so I won’t have time for much else. I’m not participating in anything until probably the beginning of the year. I’m so behind because of a recent move. Good luck on your goals! I hope you fulfill them all!

    Mandee @ Compelled By Words (.com)

  2. Looking forward to another Bloggiesta, as I always learn something new! My main goals are to catch up on reviews and clean up my Google Reader. Have a great weekend, and try to sit down and rest every now and again! *L*

  3. Sorry your Meryl Streep night didn’t quite happen. I just read Then Again by Diane Keaton and I really really want to see Annie Hall now. Happy Bloggiesta!

  4. Wow, lady, you ARE busy this weekend! I’m surprised to see you around at all! A fun kind of busy, but…wow. I say kudos to whatever you manage to get done. And enjoy your reunion!

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