Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Bring the Hits: Building a blog audience

Happy Bloggiesta!!!  (If you have not connected yet with Bloggiesta hurry over to the starting line now!)  This is going to be fun!  I hope everyone is ready to do some fun bloggish “to do’s” this weekend!  I know I am. 

My name is Sheila and I created this little world you are seeing here called Book Journey.  I started blogging in June of 2009 with a book review and no idea what I was doing.  For my Bloggiesta mini challenge I am going to give some tips I have learned along the way to help build an audience to your posts.

1.  So you have written what you believe to be an awesome post.  You hit publish and you excitedly await for people to visit and comment and join in your thoughts.  Everyone loves comments.  They are, as my friend Amanda said once, the bread and butter of a book blogger.  So knowing this, instead of waiting for people to find us, we should also be going out and finding them.  Set yourself goals – maybe visit 5 or 10 new blogs a day that you have not checked out before.  I find many new blogs to check out on the sidebars of the blogs I enjoy reading.  Visit.  Leave a real comment that would make that blogger want to see who you are and what you are about.  You may be surprised how many of those bloggers will come and see what you are blogging about right back.

In the early days of my book blogging, I visited and visited and visited… by doing this people knew I was out there, and many of my readers today have come from those early days.  Once you have them as regular readers, you tend to pick up some of their readers as well.

2.  So….. now you have people visiting, what are you showing them?  When the visitors come to your blog, you want to have your best post us front – after all, this is company!  😀  By saying the best post, I mean write posts that are informative or fun, whatever you are writing about.  Think about a first timer to your blog, is what you have written here going to cause them to follow you, or come back and visit again?   When I write a review that has a lot of passion for a book I really enjoyed or something crazy in my life, I want people to read it – laugh with me, share their thoughts with me – even be frustrated with me. 

3.  Blog layout.  Take a moment and look at your blog with an objective eye.  Does it have curb appeal?  Are the colors easy for visitors to read.  Is it easy to find where to comment?  Is the sidebar(s) if you have them, neat and current? 

The Mini Challenge

My Challenge for you , if you choose to accept it, is to go and visit 10 blogs today that are either new to you or you have not visited in a while.  Leave a good comment that contributes to the post.  Come back here and let me know in the comments that you did this and if you discovered a cool blog that you enjoyed and will probably check out again, let me know that as well.  You can enter this mini challenge once each day of Bloggiesta – in other words, you can visit 10 blogs or more each day of Bloggiesta and let me know each time here and I will enter you for each f the three days you participate.  Yes, up to three entries per person.  After Bloggiesta I will draw a winner using for a $10 gift card to Amazon that will be emailed to you.  If the comments reach over 75, I will add a second winner of a $10 gift card. 

Throughout this weekend by doing the mini challenges you will find all sorts of awesome tips from some amazing bloggers!  Your blog can come out the other side of this weekend all shiny and new and tweaked to awesomeness!  Have fun! 

42 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Bring the Hits: Building a blog audience

  1. Sound advice. This is where the community aspect comes in. If you want to be part of the blogging community and have discussions on your blog, you have to put yourself out there too and join the discussions others have started. And visiting new-to-you blogs is the best way to find people who read similar books, whose opinions tend to gel with your own, etc.

  2. Thanks for bringing up blog layouts Sheila. I have such a hard time reading blogs with itsy bitsy print of flashy weird fonts or bright type on a black background. If you want anyone over the age of 25 to read your blog you HAVE to think of these things 😀

    Leave a good comment that contributes to the post. <~~ Yes! This! Leave comments that contribute, not just a "hey I was here come visit me please" kind of comment 🙂

    I'm going to go seek out some new-to-me blogs or blogs that I've been neglecting lately and show them some love 🙂 Great challenge!

  3. Great advice! I visit a TON of blogs and try to comment as much as I can. I also try to visit with people on Twitter. It really helps! Oh, AND commenting on peoples’ comments helps, as well.

    Thanks for sharing! I’m going to go find some blogs in the Bloggiesta list to visit! 🙂

  4. Great advice! I actually do it all the time 🙂 I love to comment on other peoples blog; to give them credit for their ‘hard work’. I also set a goal that I want to visit at least 25 bloggiesta participants, so I keep hopping around ^^

  5. Hit up more than 10 new blogs today! I used to think it’d take so much time to hop around blogs but surprisingly it didn’t take me more than an hour to read through these blogs. 🙂 Now I’m wondering what took me so long to get out and about.

  6. Comments DONE! I also found a few new awesome blogs to follow: The Book Vixen, Midnight Book Girl, and Books,Biscuits and Tea. OLE! 🙂

    Elizabeth@Nightmare on Bookstreet

  7. This was such a great challenge. I find that I enjoy reading blogs with not a lot of ads and simple layout. A lot of flash, or too many ads and I leave the site.
    I found, a new blog I started following and and I touched base again with some of my favorites. I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up so this it’s been awesome to see what everyone’s been up to!

  8. Challenge accepted! I decided to try and visit as many of my fellow Bloggiesta party animals as possible, and have even found several awesome new blogs to follow! Thanks Sheila!

  9. Hi Sheila! My 10 comments are done. Great advice. I found some fantastic new blogs to follow-Project To Be Read and Little Book Owl are just awesome. Good luck with your to do list this weekend!

  10. This definitely motivated me to get out there and comment/follow a bunch of new blogs. I’ve done so many in the last two days, I’m not even able to keep track right now. I know I’ve done over 10, though. Great post, thanks for this!

  11. I really like this challenge. I never really know what to write though but reading comments here helps me a bit with that too. And Bloggiesta with all the tips and tricks leads me to various blogs too 🙂

  12. Hi, Sheila,
    I was visiting new-to-me blogs and found yours. I swear I was following you before…but somehow it slipped from my reader 😦 Sorry, I’m subscribing again!

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