Morning Meanderings… A Little Bit Of JK In My Life

Mmmmmmm morning. 

It is fall so Wednesdays are back and in full force.  I work on Wednesdays until 3:00 pm, run home, let dogs out grab something to eat and go back to work with students from 5 – 8 pm.  It wipes me out.  😯

But this morning I got up and as I sit here with my coffee reading the morning emails I remember that today is the release of JK Rowling’s new book The Casual Vacancy. 


As I preordered that baby should be on my doorstep at some point today (thank you UPS!) and since the book room is done!  SQQQQQUUUEEEE again!  They finished the shelves yesterday, it will be going in there.  😀 

In Shelf Awareness today JK Rowling says that she feels she will go back to writing for children, maybe younger than the Harry Potter crowd – BUT (and I love this but!) she has not ruled out that if an idea stemmed off the original Harry Potter series and she could enter that world again in a new and refreshing way – she would.

“That’s all I need to hear you say JK!  That is all, that there is a possibility!”
So this morning I am humming Mambo #5 which makes no sense at all except that I am singing “A Little bit Of J K in my life….” in place of a little bit of Monica…. and really thats all I know of the song so I keep repeating that same line :D.



Today will be WILD.  I am going to work until noon – come home and put together the book room.  SSSQQQUUUEEEE!  ANd Ia lso need to write up my Bloggiesta mini challenge post, my Banned Book Week blog hop giveaway post, a review, and an article for Her Voice Magazine.  Tonight is the first Meryl Streep Movie Club night at my house and I will be serving wine and cheese in honor of the book room – which, you will see pics of Saturday morning. 😀 

Ok – must get moving.  Did you pre-order the new JK book?  Put a hold on it at the library?  Do you plan to read it?  Skip it?  Wait to see what people are saying?

13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Little Bit Of JK In My Life

  1. Sounds like you’re busy! Congrats on finishing your book room. I’m excited about the new JK book as well but haven’t pre-ordered it. You’ll have to tell us how u like it. I also have to write for bloggiesta and banned books week. I’ll be sure to check out your posts! Happy Thursday! 😉

  2. Sheila,
    You have a busy day but your movie night should be fun. I have reserved Casual Vacancy from the library and hoping it will be a good one and not disappoint. Can’t wait to see your book room, you must be so happy it is complete.

  3. Busy day ahead for you Sheila, sounds like a great one though 🙂 I’m going to try and avoid reviews of Casual Vacancy until I get to read it. I feel like the expectations are high enough and I don’t want my brain to be tainted before I read it for myself 😉

  4. Busy day for you!

    I will probably read CV at some point…but I haven’t decided when I will….

    I can’t wait to start Bloggiesta! And I have my review written and ready to post for BBW!

    Can’t wait to see the unveiling of the book room.

    As for Meryl Streep…I will be recording The Deer Hunter tomorrow night…I hope that won’t be too late to get in on the discussion. That was the first showing on my TV lineup….I don’t rent movies anymore, not since the Blockbusters, etc., have closed down in my neighborhood. And The Deer Hunter is one of the few of hers that I don’t have….

  5. I ordered and it should be here tomorrow. I’m going to read it and then pass it along to a fellow bookie. I am going to try to avoid the reviews too.

  6. I preordered it, but the funny way Barnes and Nobles has of sticking things in the cart, my preorder of The Mark of Athena ended up on top of the list, so everything else in the order is waiting until it gets shipped next week.

  7. I did sing it!

    Saw the book at Costco but didn’t get it. Requested it at the library….I’m #408. huh, rethinking that non-purchase.

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