Backseat Saints by Joshilyn Jackson (oh my!)


Rose Mae Lolley knew the power she had over men… they looked at her and they liked what they seen.  As a  teenager and as a young woman Rose Mae knew how to get what she wanted with a bat of an eye…

But now, that wild flirty girl Rose Mae is buried down deep, and Ro, as she now goes by, is quiet, patronizing, shy, and trapped in a marriage to Tom Grandee filled with both love and abuse.  No longer does Rose wear the frilly sleeveless shirts of her youth, traded instead for Ro’s wardrobe of long sleeves and pants that cover the bruises…

Then one day Ro crosses paths with a gypsy who shares with her the cards that spell out Ro’s future… that if she does not escape her current path she is going to die, killed at the hands of her husband… unless…. she kills him first.
Bubbling beneath Ro’s quiet and scared demeanor, Rose Mae makes her way back to the surface working on taking back her life, and while she’s at it, Fat Gretal her dog as well.  But Tom does not let go easy and Rose has to make sure she knows how far she is willing to go to live again.



Why did I want to listen to this audio?  I have seen Joshilyn Jacksons books around and have heard good things.  This one had a fun title and narrated by the author, I thought this would be the way to go.  If you listened to the YouTube video above you hear Joshlyn’s voice and that accent makes this listen so much fun!


Pack yourself up for a fun southern spin on this one!  Rose Mae is a fun little southern number who’s mama left a long time ago and her dad was as quick with his fists as her husbands.  It seems like Rose Mae has never had the chance to experience what it was like to be loved by a good, kind, man. 

Author and Narrator Joshilyn Jackson makes this audio book a fun journey.  She really breathes life into her creation, Rose “Ro” Mae with a kickin attitude and a way of making things work…. eventually.  The more I listened the more I wanted to know what was going to happen.  While dealing with a heavy topic, it never feels that way…. mixed in with some lighthearted fun, I actually hope Rose Mae shows up in a future story because I really wouldn’t mind knowing more about a group of offbeat characters that hold a soft spot now in my heart. 

I will be looking for more from this author.

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9 thoughts on “Backseat Saints by Joshilyn Jackson (oh my!)

  1. I think this is the one JJ novel I haven’t read. Will have to get to it! I heard btw that Jackson has a background in acting – I’m sure that helps her narration of her work.

  2. Don’t hold me to this, but I swear I’ve heard Joshilyn say that this is related to her book, gods in Alabama. I don’t know if any of the characters overlap, but it’s worth checking out. Glad you liked it! I just loving seeing Joshilyn speak!

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