Saturday Snapshot: The Unveiling Of The New Bookshelves! SSSQQQUUUEEE!!!!


Good morning!  😀  It is the morning of my family gathering here at the house and I am feeling really good!  I have worked hard the last couple of days prepping the house, the deck (which looks awesome!), the garage and yes, the finishing of the book room. 

Now I know a lot of people who would not get excited about book shelves…. but I believe you, fellow book lovers, know how exciting it is to have room to put your books where you can find them and enjoy them.  They look fantastic!  So before I post the pictures know that most of these books are my private collection I have accumulated through the years.  Library book sales, garage sales, ordered on-line and from my local Indy store… these are books that I have either read and loved, want to read, love the author so picked up others by the author… and yes, I admit some are unread and chosen because I love the cover or have heard good things about the book/author.

Ok…. ready?


This is the outside of the book room. I pulled two of my cases to the outside and really like the look.


Ok before we move into the room I need to explain how we came to have such a space unclaimed in the house.  Originally, this space was two bedrooms.  When we moved here, we added on a master bedroom off the back of the house and finished off the basement and put a bedroom down there as well.  Then Al (buddy) made this space his office for our business.  After a couple of years we put an office at the business which is, quite literally, out behind our house.  Al moved all his office things to the new space and I was left with a big space and wondering what to do with it….

for the past 4 years it has held book shelves and my writing tools…

and now…


If you open the doors and look immediately to the left, this is what you see.

This is the left corner – these are review books, giveaways, and ll my food related books – cook books, memoirs, etc…

This is the left side – right corner if that makes sense and these are all alphabetized by author – upper shelf starts with “A”. These are all my personal books.



Ok. Standing in that left side and turning completely around – this is the right side of the room. I know, I know… I am so good with descriptions…LOL  Oh yeah, and as I took the picture – Mater walked in.  Hello Mater!


This is the close up of the right side and this is the continuation of the alphabet from M – Z.



This is the right side, right corner. Yes, that is ET. This space currently is used for books I have two of so I remember to do a giveaway when I review them It also hold my Bookies years in Reviews since 2002 and books that have come in this week for the Sunday Salon mention.

This is the right side of the room, left corner. This is where my current reads are, books I am using for research – anything I need to get my hands on quickly. Yes my long suffering copy of Jane Eyre is in this grouping.

This is the 5 remaining book shelves (there is on to the far left as well) in the room that you see when you enter the doors and look directly across the room. They have not been organized yet because I don’t want to eliminate them and need to think of their purpose. Eventually I may try to narrow in down so I can fit in a comfy chair again.

Ok… there it is.  While working on this project 3 bags of books were donated to the library.  4 more bags will be going to my book club for first pick in October and those they do not want I will take and donate to the Friends Of The Library sale.

Thanks you Alyce for hosting Saturday Snapshot where we can post the pictures of our lives.  Stop by Alyce’s spot at At Home With Books and see what other things people are taking pictures of. 😀

I am about to enjoy a beautiful fall day with my relatives.  Maybe, those will be next weeks pictures… 😀

123 Comments on “Saturday Snapshot: The Unveiling Of The New Bookshelves! SSSQQQUUUEEE!!!!

    • I forgot to tell the story of the ladder! The ladder belonged to my great grandmother. She was short stocky woman who used it to get things off the top shelves in her cupboards. I thought of painting it – and then changed my mind. I like that rugged look and it looks like it did when it used to sir in a corner of her kitchen.

      • Love that story…and I love the rugged look, too. I have a special fondness for old things, especially those with a special connection to someone.

  1. What a wonderful book shelves, Sheila. It looks really wonderful. I think it’s all very well organised and I hope you’ll have a great time in your new library – must be a great feeling to be the owner of all that.

    The crazy thing is, I’m most jealous of those free shelves on the right! I want shelves with space for more books!!!

  2. This is such a lovely room! Look at all those pretty shelves. I’m envious.

    I also think that the middle of the room could hold a comfy chair or two then you don’t h as to give up wall space in your library. You have a library! *drools* lol

    • OOH – the middle of the room, good idea Gail! I joked that someday I could just put a bed in the middle of the room because I would be happy to sleep there! 😛

  3. This is so fantastic. You must be so excited! I mean, I’m pretty excited FOR you! 🙂

  4. All your hard work has paid off–your library looks fantastic! I’m so excited for you!

  5. The sound you here through your computer is me, with my own little SQUEEEE…emitted to show my bookshelf envy.

    Book room envy, actually, as I have lots of shelves throughout the house, but would love to have one big room for everything.

    It is awesome that you gave a little preview of “coming attractions” with the bookshelves outside the door. And let me tell you how much I LOVE French doors.



    • Oh that is what that sound is Laurel! I was getting concerned – LOL 😀 The french doors were put in for the original off ice and they work awesome for the entrance to the library as well now 😀

  6. it’s a proper library! whoohoo! luving it ! and of course there’s room for a couple comfy chairs w/ table between for your latte 😉 !! ENJOY every minute in your blessings…

  7. That room looks like heaven! So many books and so well organized! I have a room for my books, and the books are fairly well-organized, but odds and ends seem to find their way in there, too, and make it too cramped and cluttered. Plus, there is no room to grow into like you’ve got – so jealous!

    I second Gail’s suggestion that a comfy chair would go just fine in the middle of the room, and you’d get to *really* be surrounded by all your books! 😉

  8. Looks fantastic Sheila! I love the little ladder and the story behind it! 🙂

  9. Awesome! You’re pics and description gave me a precise view of your room. Now all you need is a few cozy chairs scattered about to sink into when you find the book you’re looking for!

  10. What a wonderful home setting you have, surrounded by books everywhere. I love to see how others live with books. This is a marvellous home environment, and organized too. THanks for sharing.

  11. What a Fantastic space!!!!! I too am jealous but feel fortunate to have my own office here with shelves for PBS books, my TBR shelves and Review and Giveaway shelf. The keepers are in the living room 🙂

  12. It is sooooooooooooooooo cool. Love how you have all the books so well organized, Sheila! And the wall color is terrific, too.

  13. I think that there might be, right in that little corner, room for a sleeping bag – that’s where I’ll be living! You won’t have to feed me much, just toss me a book or two a day and I’ll be as good as gold! 🙂 LOVE your library, my dear friend! It’s just wonderful!

  14. Wow, Sheila. Wow, wow wow!! What a gorgeous, amazing room of books! Really beautiful, and I love the way you’ve organized everything. We have huge bookcases in almost every room of the house but very little organization! The only “system” we have is that the bookcase in our bedroom is our TBR bookcase.

    Great job! Enjoy the rest of the weekend –


    Book By Book

    • Sue my system was like yours – I was happy just to not have them on the floor… this is nice to know what I have and I love seeing books i have by the same author.

  15. Wonderful! I don’t have nearly as many books as you. I do have 7 bookshelves. My daughter was babysitting one day when the mother said, “I have soooo many books. You are free to take any you would like.” She showed her the bookshelf that was about knee high with two shelves and my daughter had to hold back a smile. Apparently the mother was not a bookie!

  16. It’s beautiful! I love every inch of it! The ladder from your great grandmother add something so special to the room. I can especially appreciate the room you have for MORE books – because we all know how quickly those shelves fill up.

    Anyone want to place a small wager on how long it takes Sheila to start double stacking her shelves??

    • I use the stool all the time in there. 😀

      And hey! I am going to try to do better – and give away more and….. well….. whats the wager at now? Can I bet on myself? LOL 😛

  17. This is absolutely phenomenal! If your mind were to explode on command – I think this room would be the epitome of what would come out. The two book cases out on the wooden floor outside of the actual room is really stellar too! It welcomes you in and gives you a tiny taste of what to expect! Love you, ma, this is fantastic!

  18. It is such a beautiful sight to behold. Fellow book lovers know the love and satisfaction you feel! You need to get a fainting couch for the middle of the room with a small table at the head for your favorite drink! Enjoy.

    • There is a big double wide closet in that rom that used to be where my hubby filed all his papers. I am thinking about gutting it and making it a tiny nook with a small desk and my laptop… still thinking on that though… that would be phase 2.

      • Sounds like a great idea.

        One more question.

        What is that railing I see? Is that a set of stairs? Sorry for being nosey, but you did a great job and I need to know it all. 🙂 🙂


  19. Wow!!!! I am more than a bit green-eyed. Oh, and I notice there’s plenty of room for ‘new acquisitions’ !

  20. That looks fabulous, and you have so much space left on the shelves, something I’m sure we’re all envious of.

  21. I love your bookshelves and your library…it is amazing Sheila!! You are organized!!!! Love, love love<3 I think you definitely need a comfy chair in there! Thanks for sharing!!!

    • I love feeling organized and it was fun to put books together by author, in some cases I was excited to see I had more than one book by authors!

  22. Can I just tell you how jealous I am!!! For some odd ball reason, the hubs here doesn’t like the look of books on shelves 😦 So mine are flowing out of small 3 shelf bookcases. Your library is absolutely gorgeous!! Hello, Mater!

  23. I can’t even imagine having a whole room like this!!! I’m so so jealous. One day I’d like to have a room just for books. Wow. Like Amanda said… WOW. It’s a dream!

  24. Holy buckets of books, that is amazing, wow, i’m speechless and a little jealous 🙂 A chaise lounger would be great but then busy you may not want to leave. Wow Sheila

  25. Absolutely amazing!!! Your own personal library is just so cool and I love the old wooden step ladder … very cute. You even have space for yet more books lol

  26. Oh wow, I want this room and those shelves! But wait, there are spaces… that can’t be right, go buy more books immediately :O)

  27. You have your own library! This is too cool for words. And there are empty shelves … which more books!

  28. Swoon. I would need that fainting chair I think. Love the idea of the desk in the closet nook. I don’t think I could bear to have my desk anywhere but in that room if it were mine. 🙂

    The ladder is sooo special! And so is having a son who knows you well enough to compose such a spot on metaphor.

    • Thats what I am thinking Joy – currently I am working off the kitchen table but it would be nice to lay out papers in a space that was more confined and I didnt have to worry about something getting moved 🙂

  29. Wow- this is simply amazing. So organized. Love it. Hey, you rock.

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