Morning Meanderings…. House Party Overview


Good morning a brief check in before I go garage saling…

I was so busy yesterday I was not on line at all after the morning.   After work, I shopped and came home and got ready for my House Party for the upcoming movie Hope Springs. 

What House Party is, is an online site where you can sign up to host parties over new products, games, books, movies, etc…. my friend Angie has done several of them from Craft Macaroni and Cheese (they sent her 16 bags of macaroni!), to coffee creamer.   I signed up and was excited to be offered a host spot for Hope Springs.  At first I was really nervous… I was supposed to invite people to my home to discuss a movie that was not at the theaters yet…. whatever would we do?  What would we talk about?


Here is the movie trailer:  (which we all watched together)


House Party sent me a box of goodies and then I started to get into it…  they sent 12 of these super cute Hope Springs glasses:

and as you see – these cute IOU coupon books came with, those were for my guests to give to their souses, fun relationship guides, save the date cards to plan a movie night, fun discussion questions and these cute tote bags:

I bought wine and made horduerves… some of my friends brought horduerves too…

We actually had a blast sitting on the deck and enjoying each others company the conversation flowed easy and the questions that were sent along in the party box were fun to discuss.  It was one of those nights where I have known most of these girls for YEARS but I learned something new about them through our fun conversation.  Funny enough, my hubby came home during the conversation as we all sat on the deck talking relationships… he had no idea what we were talking about when we all started laughing. 😀 

There were 8 of us total… I forgot to get a group picture – we had so much fun though and it was a great evening just to hang out with friends.

I will be back later today with a review.  😀

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