Morning Meanderings… A Weekend Up in North Minnesota

Good morning!  😀  I have a brief amount of time here this morning as I type this I am in full bike gear, my bike is loaded on the back of the jeep, I am packed and ready to go out and bike the 150 mile ride this weekend for Camp Benedict.  SO far, the weather is overcast but dry (fingers crossed!) It has called for storms today and we biked last year in storms that first day and well… I really would rather not 😀


Last weekend I went to the North Shore and stayed at our cabin with my Cousins wife Rhonda, and friends Belinda and Sheila.  We had wonderful weather and a lot of fun.  We biked the Gitchingama trail and I forgot to take my camera…. yup, left it right on the counter in the cabin kitchen.  Here are a few shots I did get throughout the weekend though:


Left back: Belinda (front) Sheila, Right back: Rhonda, (front) Sheila -me!


Hanging out by a fire in Two Harbors Minnesota at the Viking Legend


Sheila, Rhonda, and Belinda by the fire



My morning reading material… on the deck of the cabin.

Bikes in the cabin overnight


Wild Flowers!


Thats it – I am off, a review up later today and then I will be back tomorrow later afternoon with the review of the book I am taking with me!  😀  Connect with Alyce at At Home With Books for your own Saturday Snapshots, and to see others as well! Have a great weekend you all!  I hope to pop in and see you when I return.

20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Weekend Up in North Minnesota

  1. Sorry we missed talking to you last weekend. Our daughter and 3 kids were here so it was very hectic. They keep us on the run!!
    Hope you have a great ride this weekend.

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