Looking For Alaska by John Green


When sixteen year old Miles Halter leaves his home to go to a boarding school in Birmingham, Alabama he had no idea how his life would change.  He left a minor life in Florida, one that had little friends and little significance…. Miles own words.  He first meets his roommate Chip who what he lacks in statute he makes up for in attitude.  Instantly Miles is dubbed the nickname “Pudge” even though he is quite the opposite and Chip asks to be called The Colonel,  .  While things seem to be off to a good start in Miles, errr… Pudge’s new adventure, he was unprepared to meet Chips, best friend Alaska Young. 

Alaska is a free spirit, she is smart, beautiful, witty and reckless.  She has books everywhere called her life books, the books she hopes to read in her life time.  She smokes on campus which is strictly taboo, and drinks in her room long after lights out.  Miles is instantly infatuated with all that she is. 

That was 136 days before….



Why I wanted to read/listen to this book:  If you read me, you know I am on a John Green binge.  After my heart exploded listening to The Fault In Our Stars, I joined a John Green “in my mind” fan club.  I am so enjoying his writing and honestly, I am devouring his writing through audio because oh my gosh…. they are good.  REALLY GOOD.


In Looking For Alaska, Miles is looking for something more.  He is a huge fan of “famous last words” and wants to make sure his own life has some sort of significance worthy of his own last words. 

I am stopping here to say, I really like Miles.  He is just the level of geek that I can appreciate because I am one too.  He is looking for the meaning of his life, in fact, due to an assignment he is given by a teacher regarding the after life, this is a small background theme in the book, so small and smoke screen like, you can easily miss that it is there at all.

Anyhoo…. as much as I enjoyed Miles/Pudge’s straight-laced life…. I just as much enjoyed Alaska’s free will “lets try anything” attitude.  I think… some of both live in me. 

As you may have picked up, our story starts out 136 days before.  You may be wondering “before what?” and that… I can not share as that is really a huge part of the story… as the book counts down, you can have a sense of the foreboding… what are we counting down to.  Is it good?  Is it bad?  What happens at day 0?  Is there an after?  That is the beauty of John Green.

I loved this book on audio.  The narration by Jeff Woodman was good…. really good and captures the teen voices well. 

I really enjoyed this book and had a hard time shutting it off as I wondered what would happen and where do they go from there?  I highly count this read/audio as gush worthy and recommend if you have not yet experienced the greatness of John Green please do so soon so you can gush with me…. we will chat on-line, drink coffee or iced tea and gush Green!  😀

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12 thoughts on “Looking For Alaska by John Green

  1. I love this book. Even when I had a difficult time liking the contemporary genre I never passed up reading a John Green book, his writing style is thought provoking and intelligent and I adore his characters. I had a greater appreciation for the book after the event, what the characters went through afterwards hit me hard and I found myself relating to them a lot more than I thought I would have.
    Isa @ Chasing Quills

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