Morning Meanderings… A Week In Review

Good morning!  Another gorgeous day here in Minnesota and I am excited to get out in it!  😀  This past seven days have been a whirlwind of activity and if you have been around at all this past week you have heard some of this but I thought for Alyce’s Saturday Snapshot I would give you a peek into my “Seven Days Of Past” so you can see why I have not popped into blogs or had much of an online presence….

Last Thursday – Saturday evening I went to our cabin up North with my friend Heidi.


Shopping on the North Shore



My first “really bad for me food but oh so good” after the 16 day cleanse



My first non water drink in 16 days after the cleanse….. Reward!!! 🙂


Lake Superior!



The band we listened to Friday night… Psycho Jane…. and they were really good!


Then I went to The Minnesota State Fair Grounds on Sunday and met my college son Justin and a few friends and we participated in the color run. 


Look how lovely we are…. all clean and white….





Justin and I



Then I came home and we had a family get together to hang out with Brad, Navy son who was going back to the Navy. 

The fam: Left – Justin, Brad, Me, and Al.

On Monday, we rescued and adopted  an abused puppy…. meet Mater, 18 weeks old, part Basset Hound and part Beagle.

Mater – welcome to the family!
Sam and Mater playing on both sides of the sliding glass door.



Tuesday I was in an 12 hour meeting… no kidding, 9:30 am – 9:30 pm.

Wednesday I worked, had a meeting, and it was my anniversary!

Thursday – first day I have had nothing in the evening in over a week….. hung out at home with the pups.  😀

Friday garage sales, lawn mowing, an open house, and finally at 8 pm…. home.

Today – I need to do some shopping for tomorrows picnic for 300, help out at IHN tonight (working with the homeless)

Sunday – church picnic and tear down of IHN and move to the next church.  I hope to be completely done with all tasks and commitments by 3 pm.

And that…. Sunday afternoon, will end my craziness for a while *whew*  😀


For other fun pictures and happenings, be sure to go check out Alyce’s Saturday Snapshots post.  Always a good time!

55 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Week In Review

  1. Great shots! What a fun week you had, rewards and all.

    I just Skyped with my Berlin son for an hour and fifteen minutes! That was great….

    Thanks for visiting my Saturday Snapshot post.

  2. I envy you — mmm…… that crazy-normous hamburger there! Wow — it looks delish.
    And Mater…. Mater is SO CUTE!
    These are great pictures, all of them. What a full, vibrant, exciting seven days!

  3. I would love to know more about the color run. Didn’t you breath in that colored powder while you were running? That drink looks scrumptious. It tempts me to go make a concoction of my own. You’ll feel so satisfied when the week is over, knowing you accomplished so much. Here’s Mine

    1. Paulita, if you Google Color Run you can see it is all over the states. I did at one point, I think at the very end get some in my throat… it like chalk powder… it just made me very thirsty. It was a hot day, 91 when we started running.

  4. If it was not for bloggers I would never get to see the world. Thanks for taking me on you travels. My hubby is retired navy so If your son goes for the long haul I doubt he will be disappointed.

  5. Wow, what a week! How do you manage it all? Your photos are great and I especially like the one of your beautiful family! (I see you’re surrounded by all males like I am!) And your doggies are adorable too! I hope you get to relax a little this week. 🙂

  6. I googled the color run and found out we had one here in Chicago… and I didn’t even know about it! It would have been fun to watch. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon.

  7. Love the photos, glad you got to spend time with your sons, that’s always special. The colour run looks like a hoot and Mater looks so adorable. So nice he’ll be getting lots of love now. We adopted our little Bella from the RSPCA when she was 13 weeks, the poor wee darling had been abused but she’s now 2 and a much loved member of our family, hopefully we’ve made up for her traumatic start 🙂

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