Morning Meanderings… Presenting The Books From BEA


Anybody else wondering if I write reviews any more?


Ok… Just checking…

Seriously though, it feels like I have not written a book review in weeks.  Probably – because that is true.  I did not get any written during BEA and since I have been back I have been in a haze of keeping up on the house, the weather (oh rain… GO AWAY!) working, catching up with friends…

All good things, and I am reading – but I sit down at night to write a post and my eyes glaze over and I wind up playing a couple rounds of Scrabble on Facebook and going to bed.  😯

And now today – I am going to talk about the books from BEA because I should… and I want to.  And tomorrow, if the big Blogiversary celebration here and seriously – come – you are invited and it really is a big deal.  I have all sorts of giveaways (some will be BEA related!) and it is always a good time.  Here is a link to last years party…. SO MUCH FUN!  😀  OH and bring a guest this year – for sure 😀  (More on that tomorrow morning)


Anyway – back to the books.  Here is my BEA haul – thank you to my friend Heidi and her awesome daughter Camryn who came over and dug through boxes with me.  😀








There it is…. and I have some major organizing to do in the book room…. seriously.  😀  Hope your day is wonderful!  And really hope to see you tomorrow…. it is going to be so MUCH FUN!  😀

59 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Presenting The Books From BEA

  1. I can’t imagine you will ever have time to emerge and write reviews again!! They all look fabulous! Interesting that there’s a type on the spine of Beach Colors…I’ve never noticed that on an ARC/ARE before.
    I have the first Cake Doctor book–I don’t bake very often, but it’s a lot of fun to have.
    Enjoy all your new reads!

    1. LOL…. oh it will be done 😀 I didnt catch that typo until you mentioned it…LOL 😛

      I am interested in the cake doctor book – I do not bake much but if I do I like it to seem impressive… ha ha!

  2. Wow, looks like over 100 books! When will you read them all? 🙂

    I’ve read some of them and want to read others… It’s a great pile. Enjoy.

    And I’m looking very much forward to your party tomorrow (also my son’s 15th birthday). I think I was present at both your bloggoversary parties so far, so I will make an appearance again tomorrow.

    1. I will break them down into categories…. try to get in posts to work in with their release dates, if I can not read it by that time I can at least chat about it.

      Nice – I am so glad you are coming to the party! It is one of my favorite posts of the year! 😀

    1. I have already started that one… actually started it while at BEA…and when I say while at BEA… I mean, AT IT. Like downstairs during a lunch break in a corner book open, nose in it… 😀

      1. I guess it’s good, huh? I suppose I’ll buy my copy in October since I missed out on the ARCs at BEA and I own a copy of The Passage anyway. Don’t tell me what happens! 😉

  3. Wow!!!! Great haul…I see several books there that I’m wanting, and some I’m actually getting (preordered), like One Breath Away…and I just got Safe Within.

    Some I’ve read, too, like Then Came You, etc.


  4. I’m curious about Albert & Adelaide. I picked up a copy because the cover/premise looked so amusing. It seems like one of those books that I’ll either love or hate.

  5. HOLY COW!!! You made a great haul! Once again, the little green monster appears in my heart… LOL just kidding. I will be out of town tomorrow—so have a fun blogiversary!

    1. Oh Debbie – if you can pop in any time tomorrow and say hi that would be great! 😀 I have visions of book shelves going on right now in my head…. I have a method to my madness… I really do!

  6. WOW!! What a haul! I see so many I’ve been wanting to read. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them…and yeah, I know it may be a while before you get to them. I seriously hope BEA comes to Tampa or Orlando soon!

  7. I’ve been having a hard time with reviews lately too, and even deciding on a book to read. But if I had your stack of BEA beauties I’d really be struck by indecision! And audiobooks too- so cool! Glad you had an amazing time at BEA.
    Looking forward to the big bash tomorrow!

  8. Hey, it’s YOUR blog! Review when you want (or when you must) and write whatever you want 😀
    Fabulous books! I have Beach Colors on my review stack. Did you notice the typo on the spine?

    1. I will get there Mary… just a little slow now 😀 I didnt notice the typo until someone mentioned it on this post. Of all the places to have a typo…. The Spine!!!!! (I may have to keep this book forever just because of that 😀

  9. BTW don’t feel bad. You don’t have to write reviews to hold our attention. Book chat in general keeps me happy.

  10. I love looking at other people’s BEA hauls because it proves just how wide the range of books there really was. I think I got… 5? of the same ones you did. And most of those were from Blogger Con and the Random House breakfast.

  11. Holy cow ((eyes bugging out)) that’s a lot of books! I just finished Wife 22 from your second pic. It was humorous and fun and kind of what I needed at the time. Enjoy!

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