Come Home by Lisa Scottoline

Jill Farrow is thrilled to find some sort of normalcy returning after her divorce.  For her and her daughter Megan, things are looking up.  Jill loves her job as a Physician, spending time with her active daughter Megan, and the new man in her life Sam.

Then one evening Jill’s world turns upside down when the daughter of her ex, shows up on her doorstep, with news that Jill’s ex is dead, even presumed murdered.  Jill promises a very scared Abby that she will do everything she can to help find out what happened to Abby’s dad.  What she starts to uncover just doesn’t add up.

Jill’s obsession with the mystery starts to take a toll on her relationship with her own daughter Megan, as well as Sam, but Jill can’t quit now…. and some people feel she is getting just a little too close to the truth for comfort…



This is my first Lisa Scottoline and I have to come out and say that it was not what I had hoped for.  I liked Jill, but this was one of those reads where all the supporting characters never felt fully there to me.  Her two ex step daughters Abby and the extremely ornery Victoria were just different and I never fully pictured what the looked like in my mind.

Sam was a back seat participant in the whole read and when he did have an opinion, it was small and did not matter to me one way or another.  In the end, I truly did not feel like I connected with any part of the book.  12 CDS long it also felt just a little too drawn out. 

I really wish I could say more positive things about this one but in the end I felt empty. 

19 thoughts on “Come Home by Lisa Scottoline

  1. I have not read scottoline in awhile. Probably even long before I started blogging. I will probably sit this one out. Twelve CDs is a LOT to be left wanting. Hope your next one is mucho better!

  2. I normally like Lisa Scottoline’s books but I agree with you. It was beyond belief. I wanted to smack those kid, her’s and the ex’s. It was a quick read–you can’t say the same with the audio. You just have to go with the flow which at times is so slow.

    1. I am so glad you mentioned that – I meant to. It was Maggie Meg Reed who I had recently listened to in another audio as well. She has a distinct voice that while is good, has a ring of upper class to it. Hard to explain that but her voice reminds me of Kathleen Turner…. if you get that… just a sophisticated voice -which is nice, but didn’t fit this audio.

    1. I need to try some other of hers Laurel, out book club read (review still not up) was also one of hers… it was ok, better than this one… but still – I am curious what you have read and enjoyed by her.

  3. I was tempted to review this one but I didn’t have the time to add another book so I passed. I’m going to listen to you this time and skip it … like I should have with The Lifeboat.

  4. My daughter in law said the same thing….it wasn’t as good as some of her other ones. You’ll have to try one of her earlier ones….when you have the time. :~)

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