The Bookies Summer Fav Book Exchange

On Tuesday we had our June Bookies book club meeting.  Usually for July we have a “free read” month where we do not chose a book together but instead just read whatever and when we meet for our annual picnic/queen event in July just chat about whatever we read.

Amy P in out group heard of something a little different that we decided to try this year…

We were all to bring a wrapped up favorite book that we LOVED to let someone else experience.  The only rules were that it needed to be a book each of us truly enjoyed, not a book that we had all read together, and we were to put a post it note on the book saying why we wanted someone else to experience it and if the person who picked it could keep the book, or if the owner would like it back.

After we completed our June book review (Look Again by Lisa Scottoline), we each drew a number and in that order opened our books one at a time and the giver had a chance to say out loud to all of us why they enjoyed that book so much.

I brought a long time favorite of mine and a book that holds a special place in my heart:

The exchange was a lot of fun and the cool thing was, no one picked a book they had already read.

We are asked to now read the book we chose and talk about it next month at the Queen event. 

The books that people brought as the “best of the best” must read were (from top left and across)

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

The Pilot’s Wife by Anita Shreve

The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani

First Family by David Baldacci

The Mermaid’s Chair by Sue Monk Kidd

The Bonesetters Daughter by Amy Tan

Dance Upon The Air by Nora Roberts

The Crying Tree by Naseem Rahka

One Second After by William Forstchen

Wine And War by Donald Cladstrup

One of our Bookies who was unable to attend the meeting sent a book so she could be included in the drawing  When it was picked and opened the book was a Baby Names book and inside it the post it note said:

“I do need this book back because we are expecting our first baby!”

How cool is that?  Congratulations Kerri!!!  A new Bookie Baby coming in 2013!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my book club and can not wait to read the book I drew – The Crying Tree.  And next months Queen event.… is the highlight of the year… and that is saying a lot! 

Have you read any of the books that were chosen as favorites above?  If so, which ones did you love?

52 thoughts on “The Bookies Summer Fav Book Exchange

  1. What a great idea! I haven’t read any of these but I’ve heard great things about a few of them! This looks like something fun that could be expanded online, like a book secret santa or something!

  2. By the way you might want to check your add ons as my security listed your page as a risk!!!

  3. These sound like some awesome books. I have not read any of them but I do have the Mermaid Chair in my to read box (my bookshelves are full!!)

  4. What a fun event for your book club! I can see why you enjoy them so much.

    I haven’t read your choice, The Crying Tree, but I did read the Shoemaker’s Wife and had lots of wonderful things to say about it. I also read The Pilot’s Wife and liked it, but Anita Shreve has better books IMHO. I like everything by Amy Tan, but I can’t remember reading The Bonesetter’s Daughter. (Hmmm, wives, daughters… a family thing going on here!)

      1. Well, yes, Shreve I understand. Her later books have been a bit wanting at times. But really, read The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. Squeeze it in there somewhere… it’s worth it.

  5. The Red tent has to be one of my most favorite books ever! I kept contrasting it with the way the story is told in the Bible, and loved how it focused on the women and gave me a deeper understanding of the Biblical story, but with emotions and depth.

    1. We read The Red Tent as a book club a long time ago… before the person who exchanged it was in the group. I think Wendy will enjoy it, but I know we were all disturbed about the meaning of The Red Tent.

  6. We’ve done a similar event and it was great fun. In our case, people had to pick a book (and unwrap it) one at a time, and you were allowed to “steal” a book from someone else who already got a book (that person could then steal from someone else or open a new book).

    I love the books that were used in your game. I’ve read quite a few of those – all great choices.

    1. We thought about that too Judith – then decided you could only trade if your book was one you had read before. We thought it would be good to stretch our reading genres perhaps into an area we may not normally read 😀

    1. Neither have I read…. Anita Shreve is not always my favorite and an Oprah’s Book pick on top of that usually is a fail for me as well….. I am however curious about the Amy Tan book… 😀

  7. How fun! I wish that I had a local book club group. . . maybe I will have to start one this fall!

    I read The Red Tent long before I started blogging and loved it! I have also read the trilogy that starts with Dance Upon the Air and loved that as well!

  8. Sheila! This is such such such a fun idea for a book club. Both of my book clubs are still very new so I’m not sure how this would work now but it’s definitely an idea to keep in the back pocket.

    1. This is the first time we tried it but it was a big hit Trish – we have a group Facebook page for our book club and there is already discussion about how everyone is loving there books! 😀

  9. Somehow I missed this post but I saw the cover of The Crying Tree on your sidebar. I loved that book – so well done! Hope you enjoy it. Your book club sounds wonderful!!

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