Blogiversary!!!!!!! Year Three – And You Get The Gifts!!!

Woo hoo!!!!I have officially hit the year three mark, as of June 9th I have been book blogging/reviewing/chatting/gushing for three years!  THREE YEARS!!!

When I started blogging I had no idea it would one day lead me to:

  • Not one, not two, but three trips (so far!) to New York to the Book Expo!

  • I would not only make great friends who love books as much as I do – but in some cases I was able to meet them!

  • Writing reviews for a local magazine

  • Connecting with our local library

  • and stretch my reading palate to try books I never thought I would enjoy and found out in many cases I did!  😛

I can hardly remember what life was like before I started writing posts (this one by the way is number 2,192!)

For those of you who have come to my party last year or the year before, the basics are pretty much the same… to be entered for the great giveaways (pictured below), simply leave me a comment here telling me how you traveled to the party, and what virtual gift or food item you brought with you:  For example, you may have rode a pogo stick to the party and brought with you jalapeno poppers laced with jumping beans… (really be as crazy as you want… I love the fun imaginative comments!) For a little bonus if you would like to share how long we have known each other (blog or otherwise) and if you are brand new to the house of Book Journey – feel free to share that too!  I love new friends!  😀

My party will go for 24 hours so this post will go up at 12:01 am on June 15th (central time) and stay up until midnight.  Every comment will be entered into the random drawings and winners (using be announced here on Saturday morning.

Here is what I will draw winners for:

*Personal thank you to publishers who gave me copies of these books to give away for this event.

One more “bonus” side giveaway – you will see on my right sidebar that I have a Book Journey survey going on.  This is a quick survey to help me analyze what you like or what brings you to Book Journey.  If you would be so kind as to take a couple of minutes and fill out the survey for me, it will assist me to be a better blogger.  😀  This survey will be up for one week and then I will draw from the participants a winner for an Amazon gift card.

Thank you readers of Book Journey –  You make me smile with your comments, nod in understanding, and occasionally I laugh (snort) out loud.  I am so appreciative of all of you!!!

Let’s get this party started!!!!  I hear knocking at the door… who could it be….

*opening the door – look of surprise!*

232 thoughts on “Blogiversary!!!!!!! Year Three – And You Get The Gifts!!!

  1. I think I may be the furthest from you travelling from Sri Lanka. I have no choice but to come on an elephant. Will be there for next years party anyway!!!! A very happy blogiversary to you.

  2. Happy Blogiversary! I’m hopping in with a yummy platter of double-chocolate toffee bars that are out of ths world.

    You were my first introduction o the world of book blogging and I just love seeing your posts each morning in my email!

  3. I am new to Book Journey. It took me twelve hours by Jet Airliner to get to the party and due to customs regulations I could only bring bags of Chocolate Pineapple Lumps(Yum) and snack packs of Poppa Jacks!!!!

  4. Happy Blogiversary! Three years, quite an achievement. I arrived via Indiana Jones’ red dotted line, and have brought you…..A never ending bowl of white cheddar popcorn! Hermione charmed it, because boy, that’s a long ride!

    I think I’ve been reading your blog for just over a year. Probably through the Monday meme, but I can’t remember now. *straightens lamp shade hat and heads to fiddle with the music mix*

  5. Yaaay! Happy 3-year-blogoversary!

    To celebrate, I rode a tricycle to your party, donning my most debonair tricorner hat, and I prepared a scrumptious basket full of cloverleaf rolls, and a trio of butters so you can have a different taste experience with each section: honey butter, cinnamon butter, and apple butter.

    As my 3-year-old says, “I like things with 3s because I am 3.” And so are you! Woohoo!

    For the record, we have known each other since April, shortly after I started blogging, and I’m crossing my fingers and sprinkling fairy dust for prize pack #1 🙂

  6. I come by way of rowboat bringing along a wonderful basket of various chocolates and sweets and in the other basket a variety books to pursue while we party and eat the devine treats. I found and have been following your blog shortly after you started i believe and it is one of my favorite stops even with my lower blogging time that I have available these days. I always try and get here a few times a weeks to see what’s been going on. 🙂

    1. Hi Zia! Thanks for coming! Thank fully we have had so much rain in Minnesota lately that you can park that boat right in my back yard! 😛 Yup, right there next to the deck… swim on in! 😀

  7. Hi Sheila ! Happy Blogiversary to you ! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already. It’s gone by fast ! We met back at Wally World (10 years ago !) but I think we got to know each other better through the Bookies. I am flying in on my rainbow colored Peg-a-corn (Pegasus/Unicorn) named PeggyBow. We are bringing magical Death by Chocolate cookies. What’s so magical about them ? No calories !!

    1. Lori! You are right, we did get to know each other better through Bookies – and really, that is why Bookies started in the first place 😀 That is a great story!

      Love the peg-a-corn! I wonder what a peg a corn eats? Thanks for the calorie free cookies… mmmm… 😀

  8. Wow! 3rd Blogoversary!! Congrats for having made it and my best wishes for the next years!

    Thanks for the invite to your party, by the way 🙂 I’ve just hopped on over on the back of a Kangaroo and, of course, you’re going to need some book-shaped sugar cookies (my specialty LOL) for your party 😀

      1. Ha ha ha, I make different shaped sugar cookies for my son’s b’days (2 so far – duck & car)

        Now I feel like making these book-shaped cookies for real LOL

  9. Woot Woot! Happy Blogoversary Sheila … I swam from Australia on a kangaroo with floaties (yep they do swim but it is a long way) and I’ve brought my home-made Ferrero Rochers. What’s a party without chocolate??
    I’ve known you as long as you’ve been doing the Monday Meme? is that 2 years??

    1. Ahhhhh Sheree, chocolate… you know me so well 😀 AND another kangaroo – SWEET!!! And yours has floaties so he can swim in the back yard where we have had too much rain and I feel I may need to trade my car in for a boat! 😛

  10. Happy Blogiversary to you 🙂 You have done some really good blogging in the past three years (I’ve been on board for a year or so) – keep up the good work!! I hope your yard is big enough for Santa and his reindeers, since he lives almost next door to me here in the North Pole. I thought it could be nice to bring the old man around to Minnesota and have some Lori’s magical Death by Chocolate cookies with you and others 🙂 We’ll be coming soon! Happy Day!

    1. Marge – and Santa! What a pleasant surprise. The yard actually is big enough and we have a nice circle driveway so you will not have to back out into traffic to get that sleigh in the air again 😀

      Ahhh… the Magic Death cookies call to you too!

  11. Happy Blogiversary dear Sheila! I’m coming to your party and I’m travelling in Santa’s sleigh! Our little town in Norway is a natural stop for Santa when he is taking his reindeer for a few trips around the world during the summer (he has to be sure they don’t get too lazy 😉 ). He told me I could take a ride with him to your party, and I’m bringing some Norwegian sweet brown cheese and a sparkling Norwegian soda named Solo with a lovely taste of oranges. I’m so glad I found your blog a few weeks ago, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you 🙂

    1. Well that is so fun – you must have caught a ride with Marge (above comment) unless there is two Santa’s! 😛 AND if there is…. I knew it! I thought I seen him once at the grocery store and then again at the mall….. 😀

      OOH the cheese sounds wonderful, I do not want to share that! And the Solo sounds yummy too! SO glad you found me at Book Journey and you are able to come and hang out!

  12. Happy blogiversary and congratulations! Thank you for inviting me to the party. I have brought some sunshine (but no smog) from Los Angeles. I followed the yellow brick road. Since I am almost finished with “Candy Freak” by Steve Almond, I brought plenty of dark chocolate KitKats to share. I also brought some non-chocolate treats for your dogs.

    I found your wonderful blog through Let’s have fun!!

    1. OOH Sunshine is always welcome! 😀 It has been short of around here lately! Ahhh… and the yellow brick road…. so glad they got my letter about routing that my direction 😀
      I loved Candy Freak – listened to it on audio…. and Kit Kats are delicious with sunshine!

  13. Happy 3rd Blogiversary Sheila!!

    I arrived at your party via a pink flamingo all the way from Florida (most people don’t know this, but flamingos can fly). Take off was delayed a few hours due to all the rain we’ve been having, so I’m glad we made it in time.

    I brought with me a basket of Florida oranges and everything else needed to make some Orange Julius and a Dark Chocolate-Orange Cheesecake. I also brought you a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird in honor of our state bird.

    I met you soon after I started blogging 3 yrs. ago.

    1. YAY Vicki! SO glad you made it! What a gorgeous Flamingo! 😀 You are not late at all – I have hardly been able to close the door around here (*note to self – remove door for next years celebration – it really is just in the way)

      Oh that cheesecake sounds heavenly! And I LOVE To Kill A Mockingbird.

  14. Phew! What a trip. All the way from the Netherlands. I think we made good time, there aren’t many guests yet.

    Where can I park my tandem bicycle? Hope you don’t mind, but the butler came along sitting at the back, he had to hold the boxes of peanut butter cookies I made. Yes, there’s loads, but then, people at my book group always finish ALL the cookies, however many I make.

    Sheila, you sit down now. James can go around with the snacks and answer the door.

    Hurray for another great party!

    1. You did great on the timing – its early yet here in Minnesota – 6:18 am, and I just let in the coffee crew who are going to serve delicious coffee drinks. 😀

      Tandem bike can go in the garage next to my bike… it will be safe there. And thank you for the cookies and the butler who carried them! 😀

      (Ok – I laughed when I got to the part about me sitting down and James getting the door and snacks – LOVE THAT! 😀 )

  15. I am so proud of your hard work. It seems like yesterday you were sharing your dream of blogging and look at you now. God has blessed you greatly! It has been exciting to watch.

    I would love to come to your party to celebrate you and the amazing woman you are! Since I am not so far away I think a really good bounce in the trampoline should get me up onto the wind current. With my cape flapping and my feet pedaling, I will be riding the breeze in with some great Chinese take out. I just love egg rolls, seasame chicken, lo mein, and fried rice (no kidding here.)

    I am not worried about the book drawing but really just wanted you to know that you are doing a great job. Congrats!!!

  16. It’s my first time to the party and I’m excited about it. I don’t have far to travel (from Maryland), so I think I’ll fly. How do a platter of double fudge brownies sound? People tell me they are quite good. Or maybe I can make a dish from my native Puerto Rico, like tostones (fried plantains)… Anyway, happy bloggiversary and many more!

    1. Liza I am so glad you came – lots of wonderful friends here, personal and bookish so mingle and meet – oh and be sure to try the goodies on the table…. the chocolate orange cheesecake is fantastic and goes well with the brownies or the plantains… I can not decide which sounds more delicious! 😀

  17. Happy Blogiversary! 🙂 I have been reading (er, stalking) you for at least a year now but have never commented 😦 I just started my own blog recently so I decided to jump on the bandwagon! Happy 3 years!! I have always wanted my own private jet so that is how I am traveling to the party and I am bringing one of my all time favorite appetizers…spinach artichoke dip with warm crispy tortillas for dipping 🙂 Have a great day!

    1. Well thank you for commenting today Kim! That is a great blogiversary gift! 😀 I hope you enjoy your blogging – it really is a lot of fun and you meet the nicest people! 😀 Love the Jet, you can land over there by Santa – and mmmmmm…. spinach dip! 😀

  18. Hi All,

    This is my first time here. Happy 3rd Sheila and congrats go out to you. You have such a zest for life, reading and books, I admire you. Since I am from Niagara Falls, Canada and tonight is the big tightrope walk across the Falls I thought I would walk the tightrope to the party. lol It is a hard go balancing the strawberry layered shortcake I brought and my all time favorite book, Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk. Here is to many more years of blogging, reading, and the love of books.

    1. Welcome Joan – glad to have you here! How clever to walk the tightrope (which now… I am fascinated in hearing more about that event!) 😀 You did a wonderful job of hanging on to the cake, and the book!

  19. It is seriously a whole year since you last asked us about a party? How the time flies!

    Congratulations on three years, here’s to many more 😀

  20. Congrats, Sheila!! *clinks coffee mugs* I’m going to hop on my bicycle and ride to your party with a bag of coffee beans and a pound of your favorite chocolates. Mmmmm.
    I think I’ve followed your blog from the start – or pretty close. So glad I found it!

    1. MMM – yes *clicks coffee mug back* it is coffee time… and of course the cups are huge! 😀 And you brought coffee beans and chocolate? Two of my favorite things in the world? You know me! You really know me! 😀

  21. Wow! Ive never seen so many early birds to a party! There was no Chinatown bus from Boston to get to your place, so splurged on a plane ticket to celebrate your bloggiversary. Congratulations! I’ve got the veggie tray we can nibble on in between all the party food and desserts. Not sure when I discovered Book Journey, but there always seems to be a party going on here!

    1. I think this is the party to be at today Laurie… I mean I do have the backyard pool from the rain, a butler thanks to Judith, reindeer, kangaroos and an elephant – of and two Santa’s! 😀 And thank you for the vegies – I could use a couple of those now to offset all the yummy chocolate!

  22. Hi Sheila, congratulations on your 3rd year of blogging!! *hands over a colourful and fragrant bouquet* I brought you some delicious treats and a gift.

    Living in Europe (Hungary) my journey to your door took 2,5 weeks as I took a train across Europe, boarded a small fishing boat in Calais to arrive in England where I boarded a steamboat to cross the Atlantic. From there I travelled via trains, carriages, busses and tramways, but here I am! 😀

    The treats I brought to you come from my travel destinations: some wonderful French champagne, English Yorkshire pudding, German Knödeln and Hungarian Somlói Galuska as dessert!

    And my gift to you is a scrapbook with bookish quotes from either the novels or by your blogger/author friends.

    Enjoy Sheila, and let’s have a good time! 😀

  23. Happy 3rd Blogoversary, Sheila! I’ve been visiting your blog since 2010 and enjoy participating in the It’s Monday Meme. I also love your reviews and Morning Meanderings posts and when you talk about the Bookies as I am involved in two book discussion groups. I hope you keep blogging for years to come!

    If I’d known about all the rain in Brainerd, I would have traveled on my water horse, Nessie. As it is, I brought my pet dragon Fred instead. Don’t worry, he is tame and vegetarian 🙂
    I also brought my favorite vegetarian samosas to share (as long as Fred hasn’t eaten all of them).

    1. Welcome Christine… I do like gushing about my book club…. 😀 A dragon! Fantastic! I am sure he will get along with the reindeer nicely in the front yard…there are 18 of them 😀
      vegetarian samosas? I do not know what that is but it sounds yum!

  24. I flew in on a hippogrif and brought calorie-free chocolate chip cookies and ice cream because that’s what I’d use magic for if I had it!

    I’ve been around around for 1.5 – 2 ? Years for the Monday meme.

    1. Hippogrif!!!! Nicely played! 😀 Awesome creatures really. Bring in the treats, James, the butler can place them on the food tables – as they are magic, the ice cream surely will not melt but remain a nice temperature of cold! 😀

  25. Don’t close the party without us! These dang penguins are slow waddlers but I figured I’d bring a couple with me. We’re all wearing tuxedoes. No snow so we couldn’t toboggan. We’re bringing fish shaped cookies. I didn’t thin you’d want the real thing as they would get a little stinky on the trip.

    Congrats on the three years. What a journey!

    1. No worries Kaye, the day is young…. only 6:48 am here, we have HOURS to party on! 😀 LOve the matching tuxedo’s! Hello penguin, and penguin, and penguin and penguin! 😀 Love the fish shaped cookies! Very clever! 😀

  26. Congrats on 3yrs!! I must say reading through all of these entries, I feel as though my creativity is lacking, these replies are great! I’m going to blame it on the morning and the fact I can’t get my thoughts off my aching back… darn kids sleeping in my bed!! But… I’m coming to the party!

      1. Bed Knobs and Broom Sticks! It was a nice big bed too so you should be comfortable in your travels.

  27. Happy blogiversary! I guess I will have to do the Hermione thing so I can be in two places at once… I am heading out of town in the other direction today 😉 Have a very happy day!

  28. Congratulations! I came down the bunny trail from Portsmouth, Virginia but I didn’t hop, I drove a riding lawnmower. Of course I’m wearing my blue bunny suit and I brought some yummy chocolate covered carrots…thirteen of them to be exact 😀
    mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

    1. OOH – a lawnmower – nice touch… maybe I can get James the butler to start on my lawn a little later… I am about due to do that again 😀

      Chocolate covered carrots? New item – but sounds delicious! 😀

      1. Sheila, you do keep in mind James has to cycle back to the Netherlands after the party? Oh, he just said he’d love to try out your lawn mower. I guess that means I’ll be doing all the pedaling on the way back. {Sigh} Anyway, time to dance. Yay!

  29. Happy day Shelia! I’ve been around since the beginning, so after heading up North on my bike (you inspire me!), I would stop at your Holiday for coffee before arriving with a nice hot dish. After all, the party goes on all day, right! 🙂

  30. Happy blogoversary! I came to the party through teleportation and brought with me a five layer chocolate mousse cake!

  31. I arrived via powered parachute; I’ll just set this tray of deli rolls (dill pickles and cream cheese wrapped in deli smoked turkey) on the table here?

  32. I arrive wearing a gas mask, riding in a rickshaw. The gas mask is to protect everyone from the horrible cold I have come down with, and that is also why I brought a package of cookies from the store. Happy blogiversary!

    1. LOL.. sorry about the cold, but I was thinking how Dystopian of you with the gas mask! 😀 A rickshaw! How lovely! It looks so small next to santa’s sleigh! 😛

      Thank you for the cookies! And thanks for stopping, I think this was your blog free week if I remember right so you are a welcome and pleasant surprise!

      1. Your blogiversary post was one of my few cheats this week. 🙂 I saw your invite in my email inbox via goodreads and couldn’t pass it up. And here I am again “cheating” before my official week is completely over. But you know, when it’s vacation it’s not really cheating as long as relaxing and having fun are involved.

  33. Congrats on your 3 years! I discovered you last fall and am a big fan.

    I’m almost there! I’m coming from Bloomington MN on my roller skates, the old-fashioned kind that you tighten to your shoes with a key. And the key is on a string around my neck! I’m bringing some little fish called smelt which were caught in the Lester River just north of Duluth. I really hate those little suckers but wanted everyone to see what all the hoop-la was about them back in the 40s-50s. After everyone gets a look – they are frozen so no smelly smelt – we can either feed them to the visiting penguins or fry them up and dip them in some of the fabulous chocolate that other guests are bringing!

    1. YAY and welcome Karen! 😀 Roller skates from Bloomington! I once biked that (in two days) and that was ok but skates I think would do me in. Call me if you want me to have Santa come and get you in the sleigh 😀

      My hubby and his dad used to smelt fish…. I have not had them in years! Nice idea! 😀

  34. Happy blogoversary!! I’ve been reading your blog for two years now and I absolutely love it. I hope we get to meet again in person one day. 🙂

    As for your party, I arrived via telepathy, and accidentally got my course off and ended up landing directly in your living room, rather than in front of your house where i could knock politely. Oops! I’ll adjust my settings as soon as I’m back home. I’m just glad the dish I brought – pumpkin pasties, in honor of Harry Potter, of course – survived the trip! I hope you like them. 😀

    1. Thank you Amanda, I have always enjoyed your blog too – the old one and the new one! 😀 I hope we meet again too… in Minnesota, in New York – wherever!

      Welcome to the living room 😀 Its ok, you didn’t land on anyone, almost hit a penguin that Kaye brought but he is quick and moved. 😀 Pumpkin Pasties!!! You know me so well 😀 Perhaps our meet up will be at Harry Potter world in Florida…. I so want to go!!!!

  35. Happy blogoversary!! Woo-hoo, and all that. I arrived from California via a wine train, and I’m bringing a nice bottle of California Cabernet.

    I’ve been following your blog almost from the beginning, as I “met” you at the Book Blogs.ning site in June 2009. I “follow” you via e-mail, as I love waking up to those Morning Meanderings posts, not to mention the other good things.

    Hope your next year is as fabulous as the past three!

    1. Hi Laurel – it wouldn’t be a party without you friend! And a wine train – you know I am going to have to Google that now and see if such a think exists and if so… how can I get on one 😀

  36. I’ve got the Rum Punch, but it seems to have gone down on the way to the party. How did that happen I wonder?

    Happy New Year!! NO?? Really?

    Looks like a great party from here!!

  37. Sheila–Congratulations on your blogging anniversary! I am so glad that I discovered your wonderful blog, which inspires me to continue blogging. Being a WV girl, I will have to Follow the River. I am traveling the white waters via raft and bringing beautiful pieces of hand-blown glass.

  38. Happy Blogiversary! I walked, on account of all the goodies that will be at the party, and I am bringing raw cookie dough dip – hope I don’t eat it all on the way! :–) And I have known you all three years (and one year in real life)!!!

  39. Happy happy blogiversary! Coming from Canada I will be riding my trusted moose, named Samson, to the party and within his saddlebags I am bringing pancakes and a large supply of pure Canadian Maple Syrup. Yum! I’m not sure how long I have been following your blog, but I must say I really enjoy it and look forward to seeing what you will be posting here in the future.

  40. Knock knock…I arrived at the party via my bright pink hot air balloon and I’m bringing candy sushi. 🙂

  41. It was so fun meeting you at BEA this year!

    For the party I decided to arrive in style riding a Clydesdale horse from Busch Gardens and I brought with me some Five Guys burgers and fries which opened its first location around the corner from my house!

    I have followed your blog since before I was blogging myself and love that you keep it real!

    Happy bloggiversary!

  42. I’m running over to your party as part of my marathon training and I am bringing along Cowboy Caviar and tortilla chips. I’ve been reading your blog for at least a year, I think more because I remember your BEA coverage from last year as well as before that. I like that your posts make it seem like we really know you and how friendly you come across.

  43. CONGRATULATIONS! Happy blogiversary =D
    I would go by train and admiring the view, while drinking one of the wine bottles I’d be bringing 😉

    Going to take the survey now…

  44. Happy Blogoversary Sheila! Now I will be coming to the party via helicopter and parachuting in…always important to make an entrance :). In my backpack I am bringing fresh guacomole, salsa and tortilla chips…it wouldn’t be a party without them!

    I have been reading your blog for at least a year and I always love your BEA posts! For those of us who cannot go it give us a feel of the fun you get to have!

  45. Hey Sheila! The flying Walendas were performing here in Wisconsin at The Circus World Museum. They agreed to bring me to your party!! Look up!! Yes, that is me on the trapeze!! Move a little to the right and I will back flip onto your deck and into the fancy new chair!!! Hi, So glad I made it to the party. Check out the front door. Your 9 tiered cake should be arriving in just a moment, that’s 3 tiers for each year and also because I couldn’t decide on a flavor. The is chocolate of course and chocolate cherry too, carrot, lemon, banana, red velvet, strawberry, French vanilla and the top layer is cheesecake!! All cover is yummy frosting and 3 big candles!!! I am so happy to help you celebrate!!!

    1. Ok Lori, now I am laughing…. that s a first too, flying Walenda’s… I am so glad they came, maybe they could perform this afternoon? 😀 Nice flip on to the deck too! 😀 Enjoy the chair and grab some goodies, lots of fun foods from all over the world! Thank you for the fun comment and the lovely cake too…. James the butler is carrying it into the serving area now!

  46. Since I live on an island, I would have to find some way to get to your wonderful party on my Boogie Board. I would be bringing some fish tacos. Have a great Blogiversary!

  47. Hi Sheila, thank you for the invitation and congradulations on your third blogiversary. Now since I live within the time space vortex I hopped a ride with the Doctor and landed on your front lawn and as soon as the doors to the Tardis opened I came rushing out with two plates full of sandwhiches and rice krispe treats for everyone.

  48. Oooooooooooo this is awesome! Congratulations! 😀 I’m 3 years this month too.
    (not an entry)

  49. I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and enjoy your morning meanderings and also finding out what you have been reading. I came to the party in a bookmobile, and I brought pizza. Happy Blogiversary 🙂

  50. HAPPY BLOGGIVERSARY!!! We’ve been buddies for MONTHS!! At LEAST!! ‘Cause I wasn’t here before that. 😀

    3 yrs?! Sounds like forever in blogging years – that’s like, 21 in blogging years, or something, right? Something!!

    I’m sliding to the party in my hardwood floor slippin’ fuzzy stripy blue slippin’ socks!!! I’m bringing one of those amazing fruit bouquets to share for snackin’ on and a new BOOKSHELF for a bloggiversary gift!! I felt a little extravagant and pre-arranged for a contractor to add a library addition when you decide where you want it. You know, THREE YEARS!!! And three BEAs?! You must be in need of more book space!

    1. LOL – it probably is 21 in blogging years…. 😀 Some weeks feel that way – especially when the review is stuck in your head and you can not get it into a post for nothing! 😛

      I soooo need that book shelf… really I do! Is it magic and expands to my needs? That would be spectacular!

  51. Hi Sheila!! I’m on my way to Reno,NV, but the long way around (since it’s only a 2 hour drive from my house), first, I had to smuggle myself into the back of my friend Mitzi’s truck, as they are on their way to Rochester, MN. Then (sigh) it looks like I might have to hitchhike (OMG!!! I’ve never done such a thing…oh never mind, my daughter in law’s aunt, who lives in Brooklyn Park, MN will come give me a ride up to Brainerd. ) I just made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, because they are GREAT and they travel well.
    Hmmmmm…… long drive smuggled in the back of a pick up truck to Minnesota. I ate some. Then, who can blame me for offering some to my DIL’s aunt for picking me up and driving me up north? I did save one tho….just for you.

    (have a good day!!)

    1. Oh wow…. you are like Indiana Jones or something! All stealth like and working your way here! I don’t blame you for offering up the cookies and thank you for the one you saved me! I shall name it….. “Cookie” 😛

  52. Hi Sheila,

    ‘Happy Blogoversary’ and I hope that you continue the great work for many more years to come.

    I often sit and wonder just why I get so stressed at designing and writing a post, even when I may not feel like it, as well as having to burn the midnight oil in order to get through the author review requests quickly enough …. Then I stop and think about all the great new ‘friends’ I have met along the way, all the excellent book and author recommendations I have received, and all the fantastic comments and discussions that I have taken part in ….. enough said, I think!

    Have a great ‘Anniversary Day’ and an excellent weekend.


    1. Exactly – I have come to that point as well lately – seems like I never have enough time to write a post these days and by the time I sit down to do it my eyes are saying “nooooo… this is bed time!” 😀 I do love the community though and talking books will probably always be one of my favorite subjects so I continue on!

  53. Happy 3-year blogiversary! We have known each other for about 15 years. We met through our husbands. You were hesitant to befriend me at first, but I finally wore you down and now we are biking/adventure buds! Naturally, that is how I will be coming to your party….on my “upright” bike. My lovely evening gown has a detachable bottom, so as to not get stuck in the chains as I huff it over to your place. My offering at your celebration is a delicious and refreshing Colorado Bulldog (made correctly). 🙂 Congrats, my friend! You know I’m a sucker for contests!!

    1. LOL – what a sad start to our friendship but I am so glad you did not give up on me 😀 I am so glad you are on the upright…. that just makes my world complete! I am not even sure I want to know what a detached bottom on an evening gown would look like….LOL

      Oh and thank you for the bulldog…. he truly is my friend….
      oh and for the record -s o are you….. even better (by a long shot) than the bulldog!) 😀

      1. Not a sad start…you gotta be careful about who gets into the friend circle. It’s harder to kick someone out. 🙂 As seen on Runway Model, the detachable dress is velcroed at the knees…just rips right off!!

  54. I was kidnapped on the shores of Lake Michigan by a pirate sailing the Great Lakes. He was a handsome devil, but he did not ravish me in his cabin. Probably the seasickness was a turn-off! I was rescued by a handsomer rogue on the very edge of Lake Superior. He was looking for his beloved siren that was kidnapped by the same pirate. I let him continue his search for her as I believe in true love and made my way to your party. Unfortunately, I had to give the crew all the goodies I was bringing along otherwise they would have considered me bad luck and thrown me overboard, so I will stay and help clean up! Can you tell I just finished a historical romance with pirates and swashbuckling?

    Happy, Happy Blogiversary!

    1. Hilarious! Truly…. 😀 You should write children’s stories….LOL I can always use clean up help…. the party is wonderful – but it leaves the blog such a mess…. I usually find cake on my sidebar weeks after this event…..

  55. Happy Blogiversary to Sheila from another Sheila (I believe it is the law that all people named Sheila must be ravenous readers!)! I just flew in on my hot-air balloon—hope you like the home-made hummus and pita bread!

    1. I think so too Sheila – we are all brilliant and lovely and book smart 😀 Yes! I am so excited – three hot air balloons now – that is so fantastic! My yard looks so colorful and cool…. the neighbors are jealous… 😀 And hummus is a fav around here so you just made my day!

  56. Happy Blogiversary! I started reading your blog when I discovered your Monday Meme, and I was blogging as Cinnamon Owl. I was inspired to start my own book blog just so that I could participate too in your Monday meme!

    Thanks for the invite to your party! I couldn’t decide if I should take my jetpack, a ride on the back of a mermaid, or slide on over via a leprechaun’s rainbow to your shindig, so I just decided to use Willy Wonka’s Great Glass Elevator. Since I was coming from his factory I brought Blueberry gum and an everlasting gobstopper.

    1. Erin – I love that comment! And I remember Cinnamon Owl! The Great Glass Elevator! That is a wonderful choice!!!! 😀 Oh and that blueberry gum is something I have always wanted to try! 😀

  57. package 4 looks wonderful!!!! i dont even rememeber how i found your blog but i think i have been following for 2 years…love the meanderings best
    as dull as it sounds i am bringing diet coke because thats really the only thing i drink…however i will be arriving on horseback…don’t ask about the logisitcs and my hostess gift is a box of godivas an old boygriend bought me a 3# box one time and i kept it under my bed the scent was divine! happy anniversary

    1. Yes Diana, I remember you from at least two years as well! 😀 I love diet Coke so bring it on in and chocolates go without saying….. mmmmm…. I think you are the first to arrive by horse…. I have a moose, and many many reindeer thanks to the two Santa’s sleighs so there will be plenty for the horse to hang out with….

  58. Happy three years! I guess I’ve “known” you for about two or more of those years since I started blogging 3 years ago in November. Since I am coming from California I guess I’ll surf my way to Minnesota with some Santa Maria try-tip BBQ (I am a vegetarian so I won’t partake in my own dish)

  59. Happy Bloggiversary! 2009 was a good year to start blogging. 🙂 I traveled to your party through the standing stones near Inverness, Scotland, hoping that Jamie Fraser is on your guest list. I’m not bringing haggis, though, because it’s gross. I’m bring chocolate; it goes with everything.

  60. i rode over here via a twitter friend who brought me along. We brought the Diet Coke, chicken broccoli casserole and ice cream!

  61. Wow! I feel incredibly late to the party, but I wanted to make sure I said congratulations! You’re incredible and such a huge part of the book blogging community. I’m thrilled you’ve been around for three amazing years and that I’ve been even a small part of your experience. You’re amazing! Happy Bloggiversary!!!! Here’s to many many more years!

    1. Nah, you are not late Danielle… we started at midnight last night… people trickle in and out 😀 Thank you for such a sweet comment. It has been an exciting ride I for one am thrilled to be a part of!

  62. I would be teleporting to your party (if I ever get my wish to have a superpower) and bringing an awesome carrot cake. No need to enter me in the giveaway as I’m just here for the food and the book talk :).

    1. I wonder what I would want my super power to be? Either to read really fast…. or not to need sleep…. although I really do like sleep…. 😀

      Food and talk it shall be then… plenty of people loitering around…. be sure to catch Alison, she is fabulous to chat books with… and so id Kathy, and Gina, and Laurel, and Susan, and Amy, and Danielle…. 😀

  63. Sorry that I am so late to the party but this farm gal from MI hitched a ride with my Amish neighbors this morning and the horse and buggy was moving a little slow today. I had packed a bottle of wine and coffee laced truffles this morning. I got a little thirsty on the journey so a glass of wine may be missing but the truffles are intact, despite the hot, humid weather today and lack of AC in the buggy. So glad we made it to the party! Happy Anniversary Sheila!! I’ve been a faithful reader since almost the very beginning and look forward to you stopping in to “chat” on a daily basis.

  64. Well I’m running late as usual, I do apologize. I do need to know if there is anywhere that my Roc can rest though. I don’t think you want him perching on your roof.

    I was in the Himmalays looking for the reclusive Yeti, I wanted to get you one for your blogoversary. I figured it would be just as happy in MN. Sadly though I couldn’t find one. After what seemed months of searching I happened to run across a little monastery tucked into a cave that seemed to go on for miles. I kept on hearing noises inside, so I was convinced I was on the track of the Yeti. I kept pressing on and ended up falling into a nest of what I thought were giant amethysts. It was only when I was about to be eaten by Syenthia, the Roc who gave me a ride, that I realized they were the giant eggs of the Roc. It took a lot of beggin but I eventually convinced her I wasn’t worth eating and that I didn’t mean to disturb her.

    After I told her what brought me to her home, and that all I wanted to do was find a wonderful present for my friend in MN who was having a blogoversary party, she busted my bubble. Apparentlt all the Yetis in the area moved out months ago. I guess they found better accomodations somewhere else, but nobody knew where. After Syenthia questioned me more about you, she decided that you sounded like someone who would love and take care of one of her offspring so she allowed me to select an egg to give to you as a present. She said that once he hatches, the baby Roc will need to eat a lot of mozzarella cheese, and be given 40 gallons of water (or apple cider) a day for the first few months. After that he will be able to find food on his own, though I’ve heard that male Rocs like black truffles and pineapples as special snacks, so you may wish to stock up now. From what I can tell, the egg will take another few days to hatch and then you will have to think of a name. Male Rocs must have name that starts with By and they need to be named within 5 mintues or they will revert back to the wild.

    So I hope you like your present. I couldn’t bring much since I was flying on the back of a giant Roc, but I did manage to stop and bring along a pan of seafood paella and coconut/lime sorbet.

    Happy Blogoversary and I hope you have many more to come!

  65. Happy Blogiversary! I saw someone claim they came from farthest away, But I’m not sure which is farther Sri Lanka or Taiwan. Either way, I brought what any visiting Taiwanese person would bring to a party: Stinky tofu, a bag of betel nut and a bottle of Gaoliang. Congrats!

  66. Happy Blogiversary! It took me a long time to get here, I came by scooter and I brought ginger snaps. I took your survey. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  67. HI Sheila.
    I always enjoy visiting your blog…and reading your reviews.
    Here’s to many more years…and books 🙂

  68. Oh no, I’m late for the party! I spent the morning gardening and then I got on my sailboat and sailed up Lake Michigan… and then I realized that it didn’t go thru to Lake Superior so I had to find a Limo to take me the rest of the way. That took a few more hours. Phew. The ice cream I brought started to melt, so the limo driver and I ate it. Ooops. LOL

    1. Parties still going on Leslie, some are just starting a serious Scrabble tournament using only book titles….it is fascinating, really. 😀 No worries about the ice cream, I think we have some left on the buffet table 😀

  69. Yay for 3 years!!!! Keep a-goin’!!!

    Since I’m from Wapakoneta OH, I’m arriving with Neil Armstrong in a space rover. We are bringing some Dannon yogurt (from its nearby headquarters) and sporting a glowing tan from today’s relaxation at the WaterPark! I’ve been reading “The Castaways” by Elin Hillerbrand and would love to win some of those goodies you have!

  70. Happy Blogaversary, Sheila! 😀 I hope that this giveaway is open to Canadians as I’ve traveled all the way using my snowshoes…which is really quite difficult when there isn’t any actual snow. 😛 I also brought my mom’s amazing spinach dip…it’s super cheesy and delicious! I hope you enjoy it! 😀

    I’ve been participating in your “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?” meme almost since I started blogging, so I guess that would be how we met. 😀

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway Sheila! 😀 Here’s to many more blogaversaries to come! *cheers*

  71. Happy Blogaversary!!!! I stowed away on one of the Tall ships that are in town for Baltimore’s “Sailabration” this weekend. I talked one of the sailors into zipping me over to Minn. for your party. :). I’m bringing my infamous Mac and cheese that I hope you’ll enjoy.

    Seriously though, I truly enjoy reading your reviews and wish I could read as much as you do each week because I LOVE books!!! Keep up the good work and congrats again on your Blogaversary!!!!!

  72. Happy BLOGAVERSARIES! I bring you a yummy tasty tray of WHOPPER BLONDIES! So that after you take a couple of bites you realize “OH MY!” A truly tasty sweet treat to eat and share. I love all your funny stories and how you speak from your heart. I would add that I also come to the party in full costume. LOL!

  73. I snuck home for a nap but couldn’t stay away. I brought back some homemade guacamole and red onion dip. With plenty of chips and veggies. Here are some more paper goods but I forgot the utensils. Do you need me to go back for them?

  74. I alit from the lake on the back of a loon and in true Minnesota style I brought a wild rice hotdish. We’ll have a great time eating it around the firepit off your back deck- minus the mosquitos of course!!

  75. I rode in the convertible from I Love Lucy (bc I love that show:) and brought you a meatloaf filled with cheese and bacon that is wrapped in bacon with a side of steamed green beans, crispy onion and bacon. And a bunch of balloons to celebrate your third year! Congrats!!!!!! After being here for all the fun I gotta go (I leave in the car from The Dick Van Dyke Show bc yes, I love that show too:)

  76. Wow, your party was a blast! I don’t know what the animals were doing while we were partying but there was icing in my Pegasus’ mane 😉

    WooHoo, I won! email on its way


    1. Please feel free to send me any Pegasus dry cleaning bills… some of that icing is impossible to get out! 😀
      I am so glad you had fun – I did too…. this yearly post always becomes one of my favorites of the year 😛

  77. Happy Blogoversary and may I say: “Well done!” Sorry to be late. I have had a sort of distracted week with my Dad in hospital.
    Thanks for being a ‘professional’ amateur blogger!
    Many happy returns to you.

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