EAT This! NOT That! by David Zinczenko

Eating healthy (or healthier) in this day and age in really like walking through a field of land mines!  What is marketed as “healthy” is not always the case.  Shoot, I have this argument with my husband all the time around the dollar meal fast food chicken sandwich.  “But Sheila,” he says, “It is  a chicken sandwich.  Chicken.  Chicken is healthy.  AND it is only a $1.00!” 

I try to explain to him that it is not healthy and that $1.00 chicken sandwich and “dollar menu” fries may some day become a $20,000 coronary.


Eat This!  Not That! Is not only a wonderful book to skim through and find lists of the vegies and fruits that are the best for you but also how to maneuver your way through a grocery store AND your favorite places you enjoy eating out at.  This wonderful little book can fit easily into your purse or carry in your car and is filled with page after page of glossy colorful pictures and information to help you make better food choices for you and your family.


The following pictures may be a bit graphic ( 😉 )…. they may make you cry out in shock and pain and cause you to look away when you realize that what you have been eating that you thought was healthy has more calories than 80 double stuff Oreo cookies and 2 glasses of whole milk.

You have been warned. 


Holy moly… equivalent to 12 slices of Sara Lee Cherry Pie…..

You probably guessed this bad…. you may not have guessed HOW BAD…

I really love the comparison pages… the one on the left 618 calories, the one on the right 1,412.

I love me some Chines food!  I was excited to see that I actually prefer the meal to the left as I am not a big fan of white rice.

There are many pages like this as well that show you the best vegies, the best fruits…

And if you are like me this holiday weekend and plan on grilling up some dogs or brats…. this page will guide you through the traps.

This is my third book like this, I have the 2010 and another one and there is a 2012 as well that I do not yet own.  They make great reference books, but also great conversation pieces when your friends come over, flip through it… and groan.  😀  I highly recommend these books to anyone who wishes to be a little more health conscious in their food decisions. 

I wrote this post for Weekend Cooking brought to you by the delightful Candice at Beth Fish Reads…. pop in and see what people are cooking this weekend!  😀

24 Comments on “EAT This! NOT That! by David Zinczenko

  1. You’re right…a minefield. I find myself pretty much avoiding all fast food places, even the supposedly “better” ones.

    • No kidding! The Cheesecake factory is mentioned so many times in the book as having the worst of the worst…. ugh…. I guess the name should have been a hint? 😀

  2. Ditto, jaynesbooks! If there only is an Australian equivalent as not many of these brands are available here

  3. Love books like this but not sure it’s too relevant in Australia which is a shame.

  4. This looks like one I should check out and put in front of my DH who does our cooking. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I feel bad for those living in North America. Every time I go back I am startled by the sheer number of fast food joints and restaurant chains and the business they seem to do. With all the literature out there (this book included) I can’t believe that anyone still goes to these places. Eating healthier is actually easy and can even be cheaper. I don’t understand.

    • Exactly Ryan (not like I am not guilty of this as well!) but you are so right.. the fast food business has worked its way into our every day lives…. busy lives, no time to cook…. maybe was all just need to slow down?

  6. Yikes!! We don’t eat in chain restaurants very often, but before we walk through the door of another one, I think I need to read this book. It’s kinda scary, isn’t it? Wow.

  7. That is scary information. I would not have guessed that a chicken dish could have 2500 calories. Wow! And, California Pizza Kitchen — I would have totally ordered Broccoli Sundried Tomato Fusilli and thought I was having a healthy entree instead of a pizza.
    Joy’s Book Blog

    • These books are brilliant Joy – but yeah scary too…. I actually learned from this book (the 2010 version) that Breyers makes the healthiest ice cream. Really they are filled with good facts for shopping, etc…

  8. This sounds like a great book and I love the pictures!

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