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Good morning.  I am sitting at my kitchen table looking out on another gloomy rainy windy day.  GAH.  SO much for our weekend plans.  We were going to head to our cabin later this morning with some friends on motorcycles and stay over night and come back later tomorrow since we all have tomorrow off….

however in light of today… and apparently tomorrows forecast… that doesn’t look like it is going to happen.  The only two nice days we had this past week I was too busy to enjoy them… now that I am sitting on oodles of time… the weather is not cooperating.  😯

Our local movie theater is currently under construction while it is being made from Movies 10, to Lakes 12… word on  the street is better seating and concession stand.  I think it opens next weekend but I will not have time then as I am lifting off for BEA.  (SQQUUEEE!!!!)

So enough about the gloom…

here’s something that makes me happy – BOOKS!

Quite the assortment of goodies that came in the mailbox this week… I don’t think I requested The Meryl Streep Movie Club but now that it is in-house it looks interesting…. but I SSQQQUUUEEEDDDD when I seen A Night To Remember in audio.  Thank you Audio Jukebox.  You are my Jukebox Hero (and yes, later there will be a song!)

BUT… that is not all!  You may recall I went to some garage sales on Friday….

YAY right?  I think these will all go to my book shelf to the cabin, which this last weekend when I was there felt it could use some more books.  😀  The top one “Haunted Lakes” is just the type of fun books I like to keep there anyway – I like a good mix of books that anyone can pick up – quite a few about Minnesota, I picked up a couple about birds this week too and forgot to add them here….

Last weekend Justin looked at the three books I brought with me to read.  “Do you have anything less chickie?” he said.  I pointed to the shelf and he found himself a good mystery that he sunk into.  I love that.  😀

So that’s the books in-house this week… I need to go get ready for church and then come home and write-up a couple of reviews while we decide what we will do with our day.  I hope your weekend plans and the weather is cooperating for you…  I can always dig into a book this afternoon.  A few, as usual, are calling my name… and I really need to finish Jane Eyre.  😀

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  1. Wowee that’s a lot of books! I can’t believe we’ll be in NY in a week’s time. I’ve got so much to do to get ready!! I can’t wait to see you again!

  2. Sorry the weather has caused you to change your plans. Enjoy whatever you do today and tomorrow. It sounds like we will have to be turning on our air this afternoon as it is expected to get humid here!

  3. I am so jealous of Ninepins! I want that Rosy Thornton book so much! 😀

  4. I was wondering how you were coming with Jane! Quite the book haul there – love seeing all those spines lined up. 🙂 Not sure if I’ll be reading much today – lots of plans after church – but hoping to start The Yard by Alex Grecian.

    Have a good day, rain or no!

    • It’s not Jane that is keeping us apart Carrie, it is me. I just keep picking up other books, it would be nice to get that one completed though… 😀

      Enjoy your day – I have a little blog/reading time until Al gets back from fixing a job that was washed out by the rain last night, then the day is whatever we decide 😀

  5. Oh, I hate when the weather doesn’t cooperate…but I think those books you have might just improve your mood!

    I see several that I am curious about, including The Meryl Streep Movie Club…also, is the Rosy Thornton book Ninepins? I am going to be reading that this week.

    And Beth Gutcheon’s More Than You Know….awesome! But I’ve loved every one of her books….

    Enjoy your week!


  6. Happy Sunday Sheila! Sorry the weather is so yukky there, going to be in the 90’s here today and it is already so humid!!!! Pan to do my reading indoors today. C-ya tomorrow!

  7. Staci@LifeintheThumb

    One can never have too many books!! We have the same weather right now too!! Hoping that it clears up as we have company coming for the day!

  8. It sounds like a good day to read. The sun is out here…but it’s not warm.

  9. I used to stay at a hotel at the beach with my family which had a book shelf in the room that you could read from. You were free to take books from the shelf and add to them, it seemed like such a good idea for a beachy vacation place. Leave behind what you finish and take something new. There was quite the assortment of books on the shelf and they were never the same when you came back (or maybe we were always in another room?). Hope you enjoy your day! I cna’t imagine riding a motorcycle for a long distance. Last weekend was my first time on one and I only went around the block as a passenger. It felt kind of scary to me!

  10. I’m sorry you are having such miserable weather, but all those books look wonderful. Enjoy them!

  11. Love the sound of your cabin and it’s little stash of books.

  12. So pumped for BEA!!

    Also? My co-blogger Allison really liked A Night To Remember, I hope you love it as well.

  13. I read and reviewed The Calling a while ago and enjoyed it. I never did see if there was a sequel though, I need to check on that.

  14. Excellent pile of books. While I hope you get good weather soon, aren’t rainy days just the perfect excuse for curling up with a book?

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