Dance Upon The Air by Nora Roberts

Nell Channing finally did what was long over due.  She found a way to escape her abusive marriage.  Feeling free for the first time since she can remember, she changes her look, and finds herself stepping off a ferry on to a quaint place called Three Sisters Island.  Nell was drawn to the stories around the island, the folklore that said the island was created by ancient witches in 1692 and still to this day carried the magic of years gone by.

Nell felt like she had found a home in this touristy island, and quickly secured a job at the local Book Store, Cafe Books, owned by the mysterious, Mia Devlin.  Mia had many island rumors circling around herself as well.. she owned the beautiful house on the cliff that could be seen from the ferry and was believed to have powers handed down from the generations of powerful women of the island before her.

And then there is Ripley, sister to the handsome sheriff, Zak.  Ripley, as Mia knows, is the second of the”three sisters” on the island that still carry magical powers, yet as much as Mia embraces her powers, Ripley rejects them, hates that this is a gift handed down to her from the island, and does everything she can to deny it.

But Mia, and with her pulse on the island itself is well aware of the power the island has given her.  She is also well aware that the island is called Three Sisters Island, and to complete the circle, there is to be a third.  Mia has a strong feeling the third part of the sisterhood just came to the island in the form of a small woman who is currently in her employment and seems to be running from something.  And that something, seems to be coming towards the island like a dark cloud that Mia can see and feel clearly, and she knows it will take the power of three to ensure the survival of all involved.


The audio was FANTASTIC!

Two things are true:  1.  This is not your typical Nora Roberts book.   2.  This is one on my all time favorite reads.

I first read Dance Upon The Air in August of 2001.  I know this for a fact because it was the first book our book club read together and because the book touched me so much that it graces my book shelf in triplicate, so I can always have a spare to give out to someone.

I LOVE books that have to do with strong, independent women, and if these women have powers… all the better.  Dance Upon The Air covers all this well, I often refer to this book as paranormal, before paranormal was cool.

There is so much I love about this book and the two that follow it, Heaven and Earth, and then Face The Fire – all written in typical Nora Roberts fashion with her trilogies, each book features one of the three women.  All equally awesome – which is rare in trilogies.

I have wanted to read this one again for a long time, but as book lovers know – its hard to get back to the ones you have read before when so many awesome reads are waiting to still be read…

I think I have found the secret to the re-read, try it in a different format.  In this case, I listened to this book on audio and I am so over the top thrilled that I did.  It is narrated beautifully by Sandra Burr  and I cant even tell you how relieved I was that this older read was delightful as well in audio.

Do yourself a favor and give this book (or audio) a try.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised and this is definitely a do not judge a book by its author.  (and yes, watch this weekend for a post on that!)

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16 Comments on “Dance Upon The Air by Nora Roberts

  1. This is one trilogy I haven’t tried, but I’ve enjoyed many of Roberts’ books, so I’m game. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Sheila, this is a favorite trilogy of mine too. I think maybe we’ve talked about that in the past. I’ve also listened to these in audio and loved them. I don’t know what it is about this particular trilogy – it’s just a lot of fun. Glad you tried it this way.

  3. I remember saying you love the character of Mia Devlin. One of these days I may have to read the books for myself.

  4. Even though I enjoyed Robert’ books when we read them for book club, and even before that, she is not an author I have visited in many years. There are so many new authors to explore that unless one really grips me with their style of writing I am not usually to author loyal where I have to read everything they’ve done. (Sorry those out in book writing land!)

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