Morning Meanderings… Pics From Recent Life Stuff

Good morning and happy Saturday!  My FAVORITE day of the week.  I have had (I didn’t finish this post before I had to leave) a commitment this morning so need to get to the point today  so I am really late putting this post up this morning.  D

I want to participate in Alyce’s Saturday Snapshots but have not really thought of a theme or event of current interest so thought I would give you just a splattering of life happenings in the past two weeks or so…


You ever have people in your life you just have a blast hanging out with? My friend Amy here is one of them. A couple of weeks ago we went out to dinner with them and had a great time!


Hunger Games was my World Book Night hand out - SO FUN!


This is just one of the gorgeous items that was on the silent auction I was at for Camp Benedict on Thursday



The pups got a haircut on Friday... L: Sam (the stray we inherited three weeks ago) and R: Bailey, who has been with us for 13 years.


The gorgeous throw I won during The Dewey Read A Thon for playing one of the mini challenges arrived this morning. I will be curling up with this today on this cold afternoon while reading. 🙂


Please stop by and say hi to Alyce, the host of Saturday Snapshots and see who is else is showing pictures of their corner of the world today.  🙂

In other news… I am joining the Meg Cabot read a long because it sounds like good summer time fun! 

As for this cold breezy day in Minnesota, I think I will spend part of it under the above lovely throw reading a bit of the afternoon away, and finishing the audio books of The Snowman and Home Front, both of which are on their last cd.  I may see if hubby would like to go out to dinner or something tonight. 

How are spending your Saturday?

37 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Pics From Recent Life Stuff

  1. I just want to let you know that I always enjoy your posts…i don’t always comment…but, I always enjoy them!

  2. Great shots…I love that throw…and those birdhouses. I collect them, and my son even makes some.

    Fun moments with friends are priceless. Enjoy!

    I’ve been meaning to read some Meg Cabot.


    • I wanted that birdhouse so badly but the resort we had the auction at was also bidding on it and I thought it would be cool if the resort owned it. It was made by a war vet that has AIDS.

  3. Great post! Amy looks like a lot of fun, great smile! The throw you won is beautiful, perfect for curling up with on cold days while reading! I see you have the book Girls Like Us (at least I think that’s what I see!) It’s a powerful, heartbreaking and amazing book..
    The pups are soooo cute, it’s great that Bailey has a buddy now and I’m sure Sam is happy to have a loving home.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • I had started that book a while back Amy and had not finished it yet, I hope to do so this weekend 😀

      Oh and yeah, Amy is a hoot! 😀

  4. What a beautiful throw! It looks like it has a nice weight to it too. Perfect for snuggling under with a book 🙂

  5. The doggies look like they have become friends already. And I love the bird houses! As you might guess, I have lots of them. I made the mistake of hanging a decorative one outside one summer thinking birds wouldn’t nest in the tiny painted house. I was wrong, the wrens loved it, and have come back to it every year.

    • They have and it is fun to watch them as Bailey does not make friends easy (he is crotchety in his old age!) 😛 It is cool that the wrens use the house you put outside! I think that needs to be in a Saturday post…

  6. so much to comment on! the throw is beautiful – what a prize! The little pups are so cute – I am actually going to a rescue “meet and greet” today to see about adopting a dog – maybe there will be dog pics in a future Saturday Snapshot for me!

    • Oh I am so excited for you and your rescue puppy! This one had been running for a week and my friend caught him and brought him to me. He was dirty and mangy but she got him cleaned up. He is so loveable.

      Cant wait to meet your new family member!

    • Kathy you are too sweet…. you do know that I would never post the bad ones right? LOL 😀

      The dogs are getting along well – it is really nice to see Bailey being active again. I think he was heartbroken with the loss of Elmo!

  7. Love the throw and birdhouse! The doggies look so cute with their new haircuts!
    Our weather in Florida is crazy too. It was cold a for a few days and not it’s in the low 90’s.
    Here’s My Photo

    • Its hard to decide what to do…. I am suppose to be on a bike ride tomorrow with my MS team but honestly, if its cold.. I dont want to ride 🙂

  8. Sweet that you have a good pal o’mine girlfriend! I treasure my friends who make life a fun journey! Love that cozy throw too! I’d def be curling up under it with that Dennis Lehane book!

  9. So many fun pictures! And have fun with your Meg Cabot Read-Along–she’s perfect light summertime reading. 🙂

  10. Your dogs made me smile – they look so sweet! And I see you’ll be reading a Dennis Lehane soon – I’m a huge fan though I don’t recognize that particular cover! He’s right up there with Rankin and Mosley for me.

  11. That blanket does look cozy and your doggies look like they’ve known each other forever. The spring cleaning bug hit me today, so I’ve been clearing out a lot of old junk this afternoon. Right now I’m taking a break and snacking on a small homemade chocolate chip pancake with my coffee. It’s been my go-to guilty pleasure food for the past few months, but eating it means I’m going to have to work out tonight. 🙂

    • I could use a spring cleaning bug… instead I spent the day doing a little review writing, and honestly.. I dont know how the day got away from me….

      the pancake sounds good!

  12. Was it difficult to find people who hadn’t read The Hunger Games?? I didn’t get a chance to give out books this year, but when I was trying to decide which book to give out, it was between The Hunger Games and Wintergirls.

    • It wasnt Lu, and it was an easy sell to non or lite readers as they were familiar with the title from the movie trailer on tv or the movie itself. If I would have been choosing a book that I most loved, I would have chose a different book from the group (although I did really enjoy Hunger Games), however I was trying to get into the mind of a non reader and thought they should at least be familiar with the title. 😀

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  14. Fun pics! The doggies look so different!!

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