Morning Meanderings… Book Adventures

Good morning…

Yesterday was a BUSY day, while I took the day off, I did so to help with a benefit for Camp Benedict.  I had a blast being a part of helping make it happen, and I think it was a huge success.  The Silent Auction was wonderful – it actually brought tear to my eyes when I seen how generous our community could be. 

I walked out with a massage gift certificate, a basket of hair products, a movie basket with Batman Returns and an assortment of popcorn, seasonings, and vintage popcorn bags, a basket of chocolates from our local chocolate shop… ooh these are made locally and DANGEROUS, and a basket of homemade banana bread and banana muffins…. (the muffins are going to work today to share with my co-workers).  😀


In bookish worlds I am in several places….

I am in Germany with Jolene who is going to be coming home from the war now.  Michael has tried to tell her how much he loves her, but right now Jolene is feeling “too little, way too late”, life is going to be quite different for this family in light of recent events…  Home Front

With Detective Harry, we are getting closer to capturing the crude murdered but really – it has taken a long time to get there and dealing with much of this audio’s …. mmm…. lets say crudeness, I am pretty sure in the end I will not be a fan of Joe Nesbo.  The Snowman

On Three Sisters Island I am enjoying a fun conversation between Mia and Nell about things Nell will need – swatches of fabric, candles, incense, she already has her wand from a living birch, but Mia tells Nell she will want to pick out her own cauldron.  (Oh how I have missed this book and I had forgotten how much!)  Dance Upon The Air

I am following Andrew through reckless choice after reckless choice as he runs from what he knows, what he doesnt want to embrace…. The Secret Life Of A Fool


I am taking Bailey in for a haircut this morning, running into work to get a few projects wrapped up and then I think I bike ride this afternoon… the weather looks like it will be lovely and I am itching to get on the trail. 

I hope your Friday is wonderful 😀


8 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Book Adventures

  1. I posted my review for Home Front and am happy to know I’m not alone in my view of this book! Can’t wait to read your thoughts.

    Sounds like you had an exciting day yesterday, a worthy cause.

    I’m in between books right now, I think I’m going to read a dark/literally novel next. The Grief of Others. Have you read it?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sheila, I like the way you tell us “where you are” in your books. It’s like you’re traveling around from one to the other.

    Enjoy your day!

    • I like doing that occasionally too Laurel.. its fun to look at in book adventures, I am currently in Germany, Massachusetts, and Norway. *whew!* 😀

  3. I really think I’m going to find the audio of the Three Sisters Island. I loved these when I read them, and am really trying to get into the habit of listening to books. These would be perfect!

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