Morning Meanderings… My Book World Has Turned Upside Down

Good morning!  😀

I think I am having some Freaky Friday moments… and yeah, it is only Thursday!  😯

Recently I have read two books I really thought were going to leave me raving… Carry The One and Weird Sisters.  Both books I have reviewed in the last 10 days and both books left me feeling…. feeling…

well not really much at all.

Then I start hearing about plot driven books vs. character driven books (and yes there is a blog post in that alone and yet I have already put a draft and a pin in that one for later use) and I start to think… am I a plot snob?  Do I need a plot that keeps me guessing keeps my heart pumping for the entire book?  I do like me some strong well-developed characters as well… (I did not find these in the two books either)…. so anyhow…


And then… a couple of days ago I finish a book I was reading just for fun… just for comic relief, to clean the palate so to speak and that one… THAT ONE is the one I like.  Out of the three… it is I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella that keeps me up late at night to know what is going to happen, to know how it will all end, that makes me laugh out loud.



Any hoo… in recap…. I don’t know what I like so don’t ask me… apparently I can not pick a book for the life of me these days… 😆

Later today my review of I’ve Got Your Number is going up.  I hope you will check it out.

Does that ever happen to you (please tell me it does!).  Do you ever find books you think you will love but you do not… and books you are just reading for fun and they speak to you?  Can we start a support group?  Will you lead it?  😛 

30 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… My Book World Has Turned Upside Down

  1. I loved I’ve Got Your Number, too….and I haven’t read Carry the One. The Weird Sisters was a different kind of enjoyment for me. I guess I don’t have high expectations for books whose authors I’ve never read before, and thus, not too disappointed….lol

    I looked it up on my blog, and I gave The Weird Sisters five stars…hmm? I did have some issues with the plural narrative, which I mentioned; but apparently I left the book feeling good about it overall.

    Who knows why we like what we do?

    • As an author Laurel perhaps you seen something in the writing of Weird Sisters that appealed to you…. 😀 Thats a good thing!

      I am always surprised what books I am drawn to 😀

  2. Well, of course this happens to everyone – or I think it does. My philosophy is “a book for every reader and a reader for every book”. I think that’s why it’s so hard for some or maybe all of us to say to a friend or coworker or blogging buddy, “This is a book you gotta read!”. Or even if we say it, there’s that little small voice in our heads that whispers, what if they don’t like it? I’ve seen other bloggers post about that very thing – insecurity about recommending books to friends and family. Sometimes, I’ve shared my thoughts about a book on my blog and it’s one that really spoke to me – I loved it – and then a friend will pick it up, based on my recommendation and have a “meh” response. And the opposite happens – “the book of the month” gets a DNF response from me.

    I know, for me, I do like a plot driven book – a lot of the time anyway. I also like a book that I can relate to the characters or the life situations that they find themselves in. I love mysteries and the puzzle of the crime solution. But I also like the mystery series that goes on and on telling the story of the characters from one book to the next. I like what I would call literary fiction (which I think both of the books you had trouble with lean toward), but I don’t want it every time. It’s like all the books are a lovely salad bar. I want me a little of this and a little of that and on some visits I eat more of what’s “good” for me and sometimes I add a bit more salad dressing or an extra scoop of cheese.

    Sheila, I think you are normal. We want different things at different times of our lives. Otherwise, things would get boring. I’m just impressed that you finished the books that weren’t speaking to you! LOL

    • I like getting to know people well enough (even some of the bloggers I chat with) enough to know if they would like a particular book. 😀 I too enjoy a good strong plot and also the draw of well written characters. If I feel I could recognize a character if I was walking down the street because they were so well developed – then that is a good character to me. Sadly, if I passed the girls in Weird Sisters or the people in Carry the One on the street I would not recognize them or even remember their names…

  3. more and more i find the heavily hyped books don’t work for me….carry the one and the last werewolf come to mind
    my solution? i’ve stopped feeling guilty about not finishing the ones that don’t work…i followed up carry the one with defending jacob…….defending jacob i couldn’t put down and makes me eager to start another book!

    • I am so looking forward to Defending Jacob! 😀 I like a mix of the titles that are calling to me now… as well as the “finds” I come up with.

  4. Yes! That has totally happened to me. There’s an anthology about “Deprivers.” A depriver is someone who has the ability to take away a sense such as hearing, or sight. They could leave you paralyzed or cause you to lose your sense of touch. I found the book at bargain book store and I read maybe about a good 1/4 of the book. After a while I began to lose interested. I thought I would love the book but it just didn’t keep me glued. There was another book “Glazed Murder” written by Jessica Beck. It’s a cozy mystery that I thought was just for fun but I ended up loving it. I have read all 5 of her books in that series so far and I need to catch up but yes, I have had that feeling happen to me.

    • LOL…. I think life happenings plays a role too Regina! Some times I am in a mood for a certain read and other times the same book could not appeal to me at all.

  5. This has happend to me loads 😦 Its even more frustrating when you have had a book on your shelf for a while and when you pick it up its not as good as you imagined. The last time this happened to me was 10 Reasons Not to Fall in Love by Linda Green. I had thought that it would a be a book about lists as suggested on the back cover, but no, it was just fluffy chick lit. I was so disappointed 😦

    • Ugh… that shelf thing happens to me all the time… and worse is if I can not recall what appealed to me about the book in the first place! 😯

  6. Of course it happens… often! I’ve been reading The help for a month now and last night I started Purge from Sofi Oksanen and guess what… The help will be off until I finish the other one!

    • Oh I have a little pile of those books Jules, books i have started and sat aside for another and have yet to get back to. Not bad books… just got set aside for others. 😀

      You have to go back to The Help though…. it is wonderful!

  7. I really got hung up on the cell phone in Kinsella’s new novel. Working for a big organization, I know smart phones MUST be password protected. There is NO way the main character could use the phone.

    Knowing this… created a big hurdle for me. Especially since the phone was a vital part of the novel, as important as the characters.

    How did this read for you? It really bothered me but I had to seperate my life experience from fiction.

    • There are a few things in this one that are over the top Mari… the fact that even after the ring is found she stills needs to hang on to the phone… “wha?”

      The fact that she becomes the acting PA and the messages never quite transfer correctly to who they should go to. I just breezed over these details expecting it to be fluffy anyway and surprised that I actually found the story line interesting and appealing.

  8. Librarians are taught that readers often don’t ask for what we want. Especially adult ones, children are more open.

    We won’t say we like “slow-paced” novels because that makes us sound boring. I liked Weird Sisters, but then I’m boring. Err… I mean I sometimes enjoy slow-paced fiction.

    We won’t say we like “fast-paced” novels because that makes us sound shallow.

    Of course, librarians don’t judge either way. You like what you like and sometimes it depends on your mood. To get at what you really want, it often works better to ask readers what specific books they have liked rather than what characteristics they like in books.

    • LOL, I never thought of it like that before Joy. It’s funny because right now I would say I enjoy a book that makes me think, strong plot and shocking me is always good. 😀 BUT – then I can think of books that I really enjoyed that did not have that super plot… and in that case those had characters that I really enjoyed and liked reading about.

  9. I havent read the books that you mentioned, but I can totally understand…When you are hoping that a book is good, and then it isnt..its disappointing! =)

  10. Weird Sisters was my book club book for last month. I still haven’t finished it. It hasn’t grabbed me yet…..I probably will finish it…maybe.

  11. Sophie Kinsella is always so much fun. Actually, I credit her books (especially the Shopaholic ones) for getting me back into reading 4 years ago. They’re the ones that I would not only read on my bus ride home, but also while walking the 2 blocks home from the bus stop. And one of those blocks was sidewalk-less, so made things a little more interesting. *read read read, trip over tree stump, read read read*

  12. Sophie Kinsella’s stand alone chick lit books are some of the best ever, so don’t feel bad about that. I’ve got her new book in my library bag waiting to be read. For me the plot vs. character driven issue is really a matter of what mood I’m in. I’ve read plenty of character driven in the past year (with YA plot driven interspersed) and think I’m starting to lean more toward plot driven genre fiction (like sci-fi) right now. But my reading moods are ever changing so we’ll see. 🙂

    • Oh I too am an ever morphing reader… sometimes what I like shocks me… and books I would have snubbed a few years ago now call to me 😀

  13. I’ve always been a plot-driven reader. Until last year. I read a lot of character-driven novels and found that even though the slower pace took some time for me to adjust to, I really loved getting to know the characters. I’m finding that I’m mixing it up this year and I like that.

    I am disappointed when I’m reading a book that I’ve been anxious to read and it falls flat. I love it when I just happen to pick up a book and it ends up being one that I recommend to everyone! Sometimes just randomly picking a book can end up being a nice surprise.

    • I have been experiencing some of those flat books as of late…. I am thinking I am getting more excited about other peoples excitement then I am about the books themselves.
      Hmmm…something for me to think about 😀

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