Morning Meanderings… HUNGRY???

Good Morning!  I am scraping in for a QUICK Morning Meandering and then that’s a wrap… as my day is FULL of delightful “to do’s” and “what nots”.

Hunger Games has now been at the theater for 5 days and I am planning a second viewing hopefully Friday evening with hubby and friends….  I had a few things I had hoped to share “pre-movie” release but alas… that time has come, and passed and I did not post…

until now. 

With a current thirst for all things Panem, and apparently staying in this Hunger Games theme for at least another week as to when April will be here and I plan to go all things Titanic….. (*sigh, I do so love that movie)… I bring thee…

(*cue the trumpet)

The map:

Mmmmmm hmmmmmm…. that’s right.  Panem in all its glory.  There’s little district 12, *waves at Katniss!*. 

I am currently reading and enjoying The Girl Who Was On Fire which is a mix of authors sharing their thoughts on the phenomenon that is Hunger Games.  I just started it and I am LOVING it…. expect to see the review yet this week.  Oh and if you have not read the book, what are you waiting for?  AND if you have not seen the movie… please, treat yourself to this one. 

Book lovers…. rejoice! 

Ok… that’s my time.  Have an awesome day and READ a little something.  😀


18 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… HUNGRY???

  1. Hadn’t seen the map. My home seems to be underwater. Guess I become a fish. LOL

  2. There are so many books with similar titles, sometimes on purpose like this one(The Girl Who Was on Fire); but at other times, it seems like a not very unique way to cash in on the popularity of other books.

  3. Sounds great and I look forward to your further thoughts on the book you’re reading…I’m with Nise in District 8!

  4. Aw, Canada is nothing but Wilds. Oh wait… the part I live in is Underwater. Hehe, not surprising.

  5. Interesting. I hadn’t seen the map before. Districts 12 and 13 were where I expected, but I am not sure that I imagined District 1 to be there!

  6. Cool map. I am from District 6 – Transportation. And apparently Tributes who died early on.

  7. I haven’t seen the map either until now! Looks like California does fall into the ocean! I guess we are both in District 8. I’m trying to remember what that District did….

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