I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

book cover of I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Ugh.  Poppy’s lost it…. her mind, possibly her fiance, and for sure his family who already have doubts about her…

but more to the point,

she has lost her engagement ring.  (Yes, the very one that has been in Magnum’s (fiance) family for three generations.


Poppy is just having a day. In one beautiful afternoon with lunch with her friends at a lovely hotel, she had not only went against her better judgement of taking the ring off to let her friends see it more closely… but the fire alarm that followed, the panic. of course now… no ring.  When she steps outside to make a phone call, someone goes running by and grabs her phone.  Yup.  Gone.

Seriously?  Why did Poppy even get up today?

When she finds an abandoned phone in one of the hotels garbage (NOT like she was looking in the garbage, it was just there!) Beggars can not be choosers… and in this case the finders keepers rule applies as well!  Poppy has no idea what the result of taking this phone is going to be…

but she is about to find out…

This book is about a phone, that is true.  But it is also about Poppy, and her panic to get the ring back, and about Sam the head of the company who owns the phone she found… the mix is fantastic!

I started seeing this book show up on some of the blogs I frequent.  While it has an appearance of cutesy, and not necessarily the type of book that usually lures me in, it stuck with me.  When I found it at my library…. even better.

What I thought I was getting was going to be a light chick lit read with the occasional smile and eye roll happening from me as I read it.  Seems like lately, I am wrong a lot about books.  🙂 

I’ve Got Your Number is actually smart and witty.  Sophie Kinsella does a pretty bang up job!  As I moved through the early pages I picked up that this was going to be more enjoyable than I had even anticipated.  My anticipated half smiles were replaced with full on bursts of laughter as I read a witty line, or a funny moment that impressed me.

(I can not give it away but the gift at the future in-laws made me laugh out loud… I did not see that coming!)

I thoroughly enjoyed I’ve Got Your Number to the last pages.  I stayed up way too late to finish it because I had to know…. what I had to know.  I think readers will be pleasantly surprised when they pick up this book.


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Thank you local library for letting me laugh along with this book

26 Comments on “I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

  1. Is this the same author who wrote the Shopaholic series? I remember despising the silly protagonist for her utter stupidity and shallowness but also thinking it witty enough to read at least three of them. I’ll have to grab this on audio. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. I think Poppy is a better character than Becky (from the Shopaholic books). I found myself hoping that the author would continue creating stories around her.

  3. I read the Undomestic Goddess a few years ago, it was funny!

    • I know none of her other books Patty…. in fact I did not even know until the comments here that she was also the author of the Shopoholic books.

  4. I was really pleased with this one too. I am glad you enjoyed it! It is always nice to find a book that exceeds your expectations.

    I have a book discussion book that I was expecting to really like but I ended up not being able to finish it (which is too bad since I lead the group). Instead, I was having more fun rereading Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girl series. Sometimes it just happens that way. Or maybe it is that I’m more in the mood for something funny or uplifting rather than a slower paced book that I have to work at…

  5. I’ve had her shopaholic book on my shelves for what seems like years. This one sounds great and I love witty books!!! Fun review!

    • Usually I pick up on these things and that one caught me totally by surprise Carrie…. when it dawned on me what was happening I really did laugh. 😀

  6. Okay–it is official, I am bumping this one up on my Kindle to read now! I kind forgot I had it, and now that I am also reading , We Need to Talk About Kevin, I think I need to balance out that heavy with some Kinsella.
    So glad to hear it is a good one–the last one I read by her was just so-so–

  7. I want to try this author one day … sounds like this would be a good place to start.

  8. Thank you for this review. I have the same impression of Kinsella, but I’m glad to hear that I may be wrong. Also, I love the link love at the end.

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