Deal Breaker by Harlan Coben

Myron Bolitar is a Sports Agent heading for the big time.  So is Christian Steele, a rookie Quarterback and Myron’s prized client.  When Christian gets a phone call from a girl he had given his heart too and had disappeared over a year ago, things get a little odd.  This missing girl is Kathy Culver and she has been believed to be dead.  She also is Myron’s true love Jessica’s sister.

Trying to figure out the truth behind Kathy’s disappearance, keep Christian on the straight and narrow, and once again find himself immersed in Jessica’s presence in his life… Myron finds himself up against the dark side of his business.  Secrets and lies woven into a family, where image and talent can make you rich – but the truth can make you dead.

Other Myron Bolitar Books

This is the first of the Myron Bolitar series, where Myron began to be developed from the witty brain that is Harlan Coben.  On audio, narrated by Johnathon Marosz, the book is true wit and mystery and at times “snort worthy”  (snort worthy:  that embarrassing sound when you laugh and it comes out a short noise that comes through your nose instead of your mouth).

This being my second dip into the Bolitar books I have come to appreciate the surrounding players…. his best friend Winston Horne Lockwood III (or “Win” to his friends) and his assistant Esperanza Diaz. 

The constant twist and turns – unraveling of a mystery and funny FUNNY wit moments, so hard to explain, but if you have experienced this world of Myron’s, and I hope that you do…. you will know what I mean.  Yes, a book can at once be a mystery and funny.  Think the Stephanie Plum stories, but an ex basketball player instead of a New Jersey girl, and Myron is not ditsy… he is smart and gets his man….errr…. woman…. errr…. well – you know.

It was fun to listen to this first book of the birth of a great character.  While I do not plan to listen to all the Bolitar books one after another…. I would not be disappointed if our paths did cross again.

Who would like this book?  If you like smart and witty humor, two good-looking guys solving a crime, and funny scenarios as they do so…. this book would be for you.

*Note:  This particular book has a character with a huge fowl mouth….  frequent language is used the last fourth of the book, something I did not notice when I listened to One False Move last week.


12 thoughts on “Deal Breaker by Harlan Coben

  1. Lannie

    I have never read Coben, but the one I have on my shelf is “3 Great Novels” – Deal Breaker, Drop Shot and Fade Away.
    After reading your thoughts, I’m anxious to give him a try.

  2. I haven’t read any of Coben’s books. I picked up a few books at the library sale but haven’t had time to get to them. Perhaps audio is the way to go.

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