Morning Meanderings…. SNOWMAGGEDON!!!

Good snowy morning to you! 😀

Brainerd Minnesota is under a winter storm warning as I type until 6 pm tonight.  It is coming down pretty hard right now and due to continue to 6 pm tonight.  Here is what it currently looks like:

My back deck... was snow free last night...


Back yard


Front deck...


Its snowing and blowing and some may be able to call this a snow day but here is the good and the bad about where I live.  I live right off a main highway that takes me directly to work which is about 3 miles away – straight stretch.  Of all people, I am the one that can get to work.

Being from Minnesota, of course both my vehicles have 4 – wheel drive….

So – while I was hoping it would be a complete white out and I could stay at home… I dont think that is the case so I am off to get ready for work…

IF this had been my dreamed of an actual snow emergency my day would have been:

  • writing my book reviews that are due
  • Making Soup

and part of that reading would have been what arrived in the mail at my house yesterday:


Ok… seriously – I have to get ready for work…. my three mile drive and my snow filled driveway might be interesting 😀






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  1. This has thankfully tracked north of me! It is pretty though. Sorry you didn’t get a snow day.

  2. It’s supposed to be 70 degrees here today! Stay warm!

  3. Snow like that in GA would cause catastrophic chaos.

    My copy of Pandemonium came in the mail as well! Super excited!

  4. Pretty photos! It rained here yesterday..sunny skys today.

  5. We’ve been having spring-like weather…until yesterday and today. Kind of cold right now, but not like the cold you see….

    Isn’t it great to have the right kind of vehicles?

    Have a safe day…too bad about the reading, though.

  6. Same thing here. We’ve gotten tons of snow! But, I only live about seven blocks from work, so even though my car was snowed in the morning I could still walk to work. Everything around us is shut down though, so I think it’ll be a quiet day.

  7. Now that looks more like Minnesota! Stay safe in the snow. It’s snowing here too but supposed to change to rain later.

  8. i would gladly exchange weather with you…it is sunny windy and about 50 degrees….totally wrong for the end of february!

  9. puttputt11198eve

    I’m in Michigan and have felt somewhat sad this winter because we have had very little snow!! I used to teach and always looked forward to at least one snow day a year. My former colleagues have been complaining because they haven’t had any days off due to weather. I like the look of your snow, Sheila, and it sounds like a perfect day for soup or chili or stew!! Enjoy!
    Mary Ann Woods

  10. I hope you have safe driving today! We have unseasonably warm weather in Ohio-60 degrees and thunderstorms.

    I’m sure you will enjoy Pandemonium. I thought it was fantastic.

  11. Goodness me this was a surprise post to open up this afternoon!

  12. Your storm made my news last night… something like, “the storm will stay to the north of us, yaaaay!” So now I’m feeling a little good weather guilt. It’s Chicago, it’s still February, it’s 10:30am and already it’s 57F. I bet your snow melts in a few days, it’s been that kind of year.

  13. Before we moved here. My son had a half day of school every Wednesday. When we got here the school district only allows for 4 half days in a calendar year. Bummer, man. Before the school called my house to say No School due to weather -I kinda felt like the kids in the movie about Snow Day. If the streets were plowed they would have school and if not no school. My final thoughts: FINALLY A SNOW DAY. Yippee!

  14. My husband would be so excited, we bought a new snow blower last October… it’s been used just once!

    Enjoy your snow 🙂 Stay warm

  15. It’s only snow flurries in NJ, and not even sticking. We bought a snowblower last year too, and it’s still sitting in the garage! DH is disappointed, but I say YEA! I’m not a winter person. 😉

    You got Pandemonium! So excited, as I can’t wait to read it! *checks mailbox again*

  16. I got Pandemonium in the mail this week too and need to finish up another book before I jump into it though. We got a dusting of snow this morning, which is very unusual (it snowing twice here in one year). I hope you are having a great day!

  17. Luck you! No snow here and we haven’t really had any at all this year… and after last year’s downfall I’d bought new snowboots (which is probably why we haven’t had any this year!).

  18. Enjoy the snow! It’s been very mild for us this winter. There was a storm Monday and supposed to be another storm tonight, so it’s probably headed your way from the west. I get to stay home tomorrow and hopefully read, not because of the storm, due to surgery for my daughter. Let is snow!!

  19. We expected an ice storm here over night, but alas, we just got rain. The area kids were sad, they thought for sure it would be a snow day.

  20. Staci@LifeintheThumb

    My husband keeps checking the weather every 30 minutes..seriously! He’s going up north to ride his snowmobile on Friday 😀
    We could use some of that snow you got here in the lower part of the Hand.

    Sorry that you’re so close to your job!!

  21. I had to stay late at work today because all my associates live so far away they couldn’t get to work. Nobody to run the lab but me! 😦 I would have loved a snow day but except for 1/4 mile I drive the highway all the way in so it was pretty smooth sailing even at 6am this morning.

  22. Will you shoot if I say it looks so pretty?

  23. Can’t wait to read Pandemonium Waiting for the library to process it. Read the first chapter on Twitter. Maybe it will be ready for me by next week. It’s not like I can’t find anything to read:)

  24. Oh my goodness I hope you were safe driving in that!

  25. Wow, great pics, I just can’t imagine snow like that, living in Sydney Australia we don’t even get a sprinkle, ever.

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