Morning Meanderings… I’d Like To Thank The Leg err… Academy

Good morning!  😀

Did anyone else watch the Oscars on Sunday night?  I admit… I first was watching Amazing Race with the hubby… BUT as soon as that was over I tuned into the Oscars.  While not a die-hard fan, I do like to look at what people are wearing and this year in particular – I was interested as so many movies from books were up for awards…

Highlights for me were of course the supporting actress award going to Octavia Spencer for The Help. 

If you did not see her acceptance speech grab a tissue and watch it.  If you have yet to see The Help, I highly suggest you do and do it soon.  Octavia is a hoot (yes I said hoot!) throughout the movie and in case you did not know… she is also the voice of Minny on the audio version of the book.  Nice pic all the way around and standing ovation on her best supporting actress award.

As always the Oscars in surrounded with wonderful announcers and one stands out to me…. Angelina Jolie parades out to the stage front and center and immediately takes a stance that I was sure was going to be the topic of today:

So at first umm…. glance, you (I) would think well… she is in very good shape why not show off a little…. er, a lot of leg….. although this was when she was presenting an award… prior to that moment there was…

Brad and Angelina earlier in the evening
and on the red carpet, Angelina with her leg
and yet again.... another pose with her leg

Ok … I am picking…. I mean if I had legs like that I may have a tendency to show them off a bit too…. what surprises me is that Angelina has a history of awkward Oscar moments (oh if only I could forget the year of her acceptance speech about her brother….), but again… I pick.  Honestly I think this whole thing went down something like this:

(Scene: The Pitt/Jolie home.   Afternoon, pre- Oscar arrival, Brad and Angelina meet in the foyer after each getting dressed in their separate rooms)

Brad takes a look at Angelina…

Brad:  That dress shows off quite a bit of leg

Angelina:  So?  I have quite a bit of leg.

Brad:  Well its going to be hard to not draw attention to yourself my dear.

Angelina:  Jealous much my much shorter darling?

Brad (smugly):  Ok, fine, we don’t have time for this.  I DARE you to bare your leg….. ALL of your leg at least ten times during the Oscars.  Oh and it must be caught on camera!

Angelina:  Fine, you are on.  If I win you owe me a green bean.  I am famished!



Ok enough of Angelina…

In other Oscar moments I realized I have missed out on a few movies that I did not think I would enjoy but after seeing highlights now I have added them to my “must see” list…

and my nominees are….



Iron Lady

and of course, I need to own The Help.

Did you watch the Oscars?  Have you seen any of these movies or want to see any of these movies?

35 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… I’d Like To Thank The Leg err… Academy

  1. I used to watch the Oscars every year but I quit doing that a couple of years ago. I was thrilled to hear that Octavia Spencer won an Oscar for her portrayal of Minnie. Loved that movie and loved the book.

    Like you, I want to see Hugo and Moneyball. And maybe Iron Lady.

    Angelina Jolie must be inordinately proud of that leg. Perhaps she asked her designer to make that leg the showpiece of her Oscar look…

    • Christina, she may have a new elliptical that is paying off….. 😀

      I never make it a point to watch the Oscars, and did not even plan on it… but it was on and I had the time 😀

  2. You owe me a green bean! LOL!
    I watched Moneyball with hubby the other day and it was better than I thought it would be. The one on my must see list is The Desendents with George who I wished would have won-he will be the Paul Newman of our generation. IMHO.

  3. I’ve not been a fan of the Oscars since Gladiator won. Forrest Gump was bad enough but Gladiator was a deal breaker.

    I liked Moneyball the movie but I don’t think it was worth a nomination. The book was much, much better.

    Was happy to see Christopher Plummer take home some hardware. And Meryl Steep is in a class of acting all her own. Nobody touches that woman.

  4. I read in between the parts I wanted to see, which worked out great. So much is boring…like editing awards, make-up, etc.

    But yes, Angelina cracked me up, too. And I love how you hovered over them in their conversation before the event. How did you do that? I think you nailed

    Octavia’s acceptance was wonderful! It had me in tears, too. And while I think that Viola Davis also deserved an award, it was great that Meryl got it.

    I haven’t seen all the movies, either. Must catch up!

    I think The Artist, which won so many awards, looks boring. But that’s me.

    • Exactly… so many awards…. GAH!

      As much leg as we seen during the show I had to think.. you got to know this is going to be picked on…. it had to be a dare! It had to be! LOL

      And oh yeah…. I think The Artist looked boring too… just didnt want to be the first to say it! 😳

  5. I did watch the Oscars, and thought that Angelina’s leg thing looked quite ridiculous. She might as well have worn a sign around her neck that said, “Look at me – I’m sexy!” And, boy, does someone need to feed the girl a sandwich, or what?

    I loved Octavia’s moment – that was the only winner I was truly happy about. I think Viola Davis was robbed. Yes, I know that Meryl Streep is amazingly talented, but still…

    Also, how on earth could they choose a Best Actor who didn’t even talk in his role over George Clooney? Did you see The Descendants – that scene in the hospital room with his wife? I cry just thinking about it!

    I really hate it when “artsy” movies win just because they’re artsy, and that’s what I think happened with The Artist. I love words – and part of what makes a movie great is the dialogue. I have no interest in seeing a movie with no dialogue.

    I really wanted The Help to win. 😦

    • Carrie… lol… yes – she needs a double cheeseburger…. 😀 I too wish Viola would have won something…. tough year….

      I have not seen The Descendants yet but sounds like I need to 🙂

      The artsy movie threw me off because it had nothing in it that would make me vote for it…. I thought that was awkward.

      The Help winning would have excited me!

  6. I missed all of those movies as well as The Oscars. I was actually reading for a change.

    PS If had that leg I’d want to flash it too, LOL. Mine are short and fish belly white.

    • Nice about the reading!! I was blogging but I usually blog and watch tv at the same time. 😀

      I dont know what I would do with that much leg… really… scraping my head on ceilings…. how awful. LOL

  7. And that is why Angelina’s leg got itself its own twitter account. Not long after presenting the award.

    I’ve not seen any of the movies yet. Most haven’t hit netflix yet, or just did (and I’m procrastinating)

  8. I saw some of her presentation briefly and thought “Why is she standing so weird?” Too funny!

  9. I didn’t watch the Oscars as it was very late over here, but “The Leg” made it to ur news coverage the following morning. It looked so weird, I just can’t understand why anyone (even with those legs) would stand like that. It looks like the leg has a mind of its own!

  10. You are NOT the first to suggest that Brad dared Angie to show off that leg. Did you see Live with Kelly?! hysterical. I do admit it is kinda funny when rich celebrities make fun of richer more celebrated celebrities. Am I spelling that right?!

    I wrote a letter to Viola Davis telling her she was my Oscar winner ofr Best Actress – I was sad she didn’t win but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish good things for Meryl, too. I just didn’t see that movie. 😀

  11. Is it just me, or is Brad mimicking her stance in their photo together? I only saw her strike that pose once (onstage) so I hadn’t realized that it was such a to-do, but I did think it was ridiculous looking even that one time.

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