Morning Meanderings… The Rest Of The Story


Good morning!  😀  It has been three weeks since Al has been mostly away on a job but today he will be returning home.  I found out a couple of days ago while texting him while I was going in the local library… it went like this:

Me:  How’s the job going?

Al:  Possibly done tomorrow then start moving equipment out on Saturday.

Me:  ok

Al:  Just ok?

Me:  I am in the library I have to be quiet 😛

Al:  K

Me:  Are you in a library too?

Al:  Ha ha

Me:  Woo Hoo!

Al:  That’s better.


Here is what I have for Alyce’s Saturday Snapshot today…

Earlier this week I mentioned I had an awards event to go to…  I even gave you a hint…

What I went to was the Annual Kidventure Awards at our church.  This is a night to honor those who have volunteered in the past year.  We were encouraged to wear either red, yellow, or orange…. a trip to our local Good Will in December helped me find what I was planning…

It was a lot of fun, about 60 people were there and when they voted for best dressed… I took best female and Craig (dressed in a one piece long john thing) won best dressed for the men.  Oh the things I do….LOL

Today I have a baby shower this morning and a lunch date with a friend.  This afternoon I hope to get in a little reading time, it’s been lacking this week.  Late afternoon, Al should be home.  😀

40 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The Rest Of The Story

  1. You look great, but I’m afraid your lovely dress just pales in comparison to that charming orange long john number on your fellow honoree! LMAO! ;-D

  2. The guy in the red long johns is obviously a great sport. Very dapper next to you in your beautifully colored gown. Loved your exchange with Al; no wonder you guys have been happily married so long. Glad he’s coming home.

  3. That dress is gorgeous! I need to get something for a gala at my husband’s work … you may have just inspired me to check out what Goodwill has to offer! 🙂

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