Morning Meanderings… Ummm… Where Are The book Reviews/ Sunday Salon?

Happy Sunday all. 😀  You may have noticed that in this past week I have not posted one review.  Not one.


I am not sure if that has even happened before. 

I chalk it up to a busy week with most nights (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) not getting home before 8 pm and one worn out book girl stumbled off to bed with book in hand read two pages and promptly fell asleep….

I also can attribute it to my current book and audio choices…

We’ve Got A Job is a beautiful large hardcover book with tons of pictures, yes, but also a lot of words and interesting facts that I read slowly to absorb. 

11-22-63 I have been listening to for the last two weeks.  This is a 30 hour and 44 minute audio book.  (The book is almost 900 pages).  I finished this one last night and WOW.  Really wow. 

My usual audio books are between 6 and 10 hours so you can see where this slowed me down…

and then of course there is my self-inflicted read of Jane Eyre… my goal of reading ten pages a day (FAIL!) and trying to keep up with that and by trying to read the ten (pages (FAIL!) a night without falling asleep to the wording of “thy master’s home… and feeling swoon….”  😯  Anyhoo… you will see an update on that hopefully later today in the Eyre report.

As for my Sunday Salon, the week was good and busy and I guess usual.  I worked all week, went to dinner Tuesday night at a friend’s home for Valentines Day as hubby Al was out-of-town, and stayed way too late talking and laughing, Thursday I got in a good workout with a friend and again on Friday too, another hour and a half chalked up!

On Saturday morning I had a baby shower to attend and then I met a friend for lunch.  I picked up steaks for dinner as Al came home late yesterday afternoon.  We caught up on the Survivor episode from this last week and three Modern Family Episodes.  It is good to have him home. 😀

As for today I have church this morning, I am hitting the Group Power Class at 12:30 and at 6 pm I play floor hockey.  I am working hard to keep up the work out momentum… I need to, as the bike rides and events will be here before I know it!  😀

What are you doing with your Sunday?

38 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Ummm… Where Are The book Reviews/ Sunday Salon?

  1. Ugh, Jane Eyre. I can’t. You’re a far braver soul than I am. It was assigned in my reading class when I was 11 (probably waaay too young to enjoy or even appreciate a book like that) and my mom read it instead lol. 🙂

    My hatred for that book knows no bounds.

    Seriously, good luck.

    1. Leah we are like soul mates – lol…. I have tried and tried with this book but this time I am going to finish it. Everyone says how wonderful it is…. (I think they are all crazy) LOL

      Actually, I am doing ok this time… I am still reading. 😛

      1. lol! You made it farther than I did! Although I’ve gone slightly crazy I think and have been contemplating giving it another shot. The bookstore where I work recently got a version with a gorgeous cover! …and I like pretty things.

        Oh gosh, yes. Practically everyone I come across who has read it – including some of my best friends – sing its praises.

  2. I am impressed that you were able to finish the audiobook so quickly! I ended up not being able to finish 11/22/63 before I had to return it to the library.

    I’ve had weeks where I haven’t had time to write a review either. If I hadn’t already written a review and scheduled it to post this coming week, I wouldn’t have one either.

    Sorry that Jane Eyre is a struggle still and I hope it gets better.

    Today I will be resting and doing my best to stay away from the laptop. My doctor thinks I have carpal tunnel and I have to wear a wrist brace on my right arm but I just can’t stay away from the computer!

    1. I listened to 11-22-63 every morning while I got ready for my day, then I moved it to the kitchen while I cooked, made coffee, or cleaned. This weekend I brought it into the living room and while I read blog posts I listened to the audio too…. 😀

      Bummer about the carpal tunnel! Take it easy – listen to audio! 😀

  3. I still haven’t started 11/22/63…I tell myself it’s because I’m getting review books out of the way…and I have been. But I’ve also grabbed books that I’ve been salivating over (The Bungalow) and finished some quick reads, too.

    If I hadn’t read Jane Eyre (and that whole group of Bronte books) when I was young, I doubt I would have….I’m not in the mood for them these days!

    Good luck…and pick light ones to mix with the hefty books!

  4. MY Sunday started with a call to the newspaper as the carrier threw the paper so hard it whacked the house jarring us-uprooted a plant and knocked my lantern over. Love starting a Sunday with a temper (NOT-getting angry is my least favourite way to start a day)

  5. I think you need to be in the right mood to read Jane Eyre. When there are other books calling it just won’t work… I remember it was a story that took a while to get into. I read it years and years ago one summer, just before high school I think. We didn’t have internet or mobile phones to keep us entertained and summer passed much slower before I was able to drive. 🙂

  6. I managed to finish 11/22/63 in the space of a few days last week and I am so proud of myself. Once I was able to get into it, I really enjoyed it and really thought that the town that George ends up was real!

    Hope you have a good week and thank you for dropping by earlier. 🙂

  7. I listened to Jane Eyre on audio last spring, and it was long but it was pretty good! The biggest frustration was the library copy was scratched up a bit so there were times that I had to skip ahead. As someone who likes to read every word (and listen to every word) that was kind of difficult.

    But the new movie version of the book was beautiful and well worth watching when you’re done reading! There’s your motivation!

  8. Still haven’t started 11/22/63. Think the sheer size of that monster is intimidating me!

    Read Jane Eyre back in high school and don’t really remember it, so guess she didn’t leave much of an impression. I admire your determination! Good luck, and hope you two don’t kill each other! 😮

  9. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Jane Eyre. Plus, after you finish you can watch the movie and do a compare/contrast thing. Good times! 😀 (I’m tying to think of incentives to get you to finish.)

  10. I’ll admit that when I first read Jane Eyre I had a lot of trouble. But it’s one of those books that ends up being really rewarding. I don’t think the language bothered me much because I’d already read eveything by Jane Austen and Wuthering Heights.

    Isn’t it funny how most classics are essentially romances?

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