Morning Meanderings… Why You Shouldnt Blog When You Are Tired

Good morning!  Yes I was MIA yesterday. And yes I Mean MIA – as there was ACTION.  I have had a busy evening every night since Sunday.  Something to know about me… I don’t function well without *”crash breaks.”

*crash break:  A day when I do nothing more than laundry, reading, dusting, reading, and maybe dishes. Maybe.  Thus re-energizing to go again on another day!

So here is what happens when I do blog and I am not focused (an hopefully this makes sense because it s a little “who’s on firsty” (YES…. firsty is a word.  MY WORD.)  😛

Ok…. so a couple of days ago I posted a book blogger video that was about what book bloggers say….  one of the words that was said in the vlog was “awesome sauce”. 

Ryan from My Life In Books left a comment saying he’s never heard someone say “awesome sauce” and maybe he should try it.   My sleep deprived mind, thought the comment was from Ryan from Wordsmithonia.  I have chatted with Ryan (Wordsmithonia) for years and so seeing the comment and thinking it was from him, I challenged him to use the word “awesome sauce” in a review this week. 

THEN (and here is where it gets crazy) I clicked on his name, went on Ryan (My Life In Books) blog and let him know I challenged him, STILL not realizing I was on the wrong blog and the wrong Ryan.  😯

So today Ryan (My Life In Books) leaves me a comment that he has fulfilled the challenge.  Now having caught up fully on my sleep I clicked on his name to go see how he used the word in his review.  Once on his blog I was surprised by the look of it.  I thought, “did Ryan change his blog layout?” and then… because maybe I am not as caught up on my sleep as I thought, “Did Ryan also change the name of his blog?”

Yup… its true… not always the sharpest knife in the drawer…

Then… it hit me.  Wrong Ryan. 😯

To sum it up – Thank you Ryan from My Life In Books for responding to a challenge from someone you probably don’t really know and probably thought “ok crazy book blogger girl….” and thank you Ryan from Wordsmithonia who is just getting looped into this craziness this morning.   You are both pretty awesome for putting up with me.  😀

I should go to work now…. 😛

29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Why You Shouldnt Blog When You Are Tired

  1. Lack of sleep will do that to you. Very funny and already my laugh for the day. Thanks Sheila.

    I never heard the term “awesome sauce” either. And, umm, very creative use of the term from Ryan (My Life In Books)! I would have never thought of it quite that way. 🙂

  2. Hee-hee, that’s pretty funny! And I love the term awesome sauce (which I’ve been known to use occasionally when talking to Mr. B) — I have no idea where I first heard it though.

  3. I thought the video had a lot of expressions not normally used in everyday language, but definitely familiar in the book blogging world (in comments, especially).

    Speaking of expressions and who uses them, in one of my WIPs, a ninety-something character used the word “awesome,” and one of my Beta readers questioned if someone that age would use that word. Well, I would say it depends…I know I use it, and while I’m not ninety…yet, lol, I think it depends on who you hang out with (the younger generation). On blogs or in life, we all mingle and connect with people not in our “age group,” and pick up all kinds of speech patterns and lingo.

    I like the whole “wrong Ryan” exchange. Very intriguing.

  4. Oh no! That’s funny!

    No need to challenge me on this, but I’ve never said awesome sauce either…don’t think I will. Doesn’t sound natural. You know how some people don’t sound right when they drop the f-bomb? That’s me with words like awesome sauce.

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