Morning Meanderings… Significant Bloggy Moments

Good morning!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!  I really did.  Al is still out-of-town but he sent me a lovely dozen assorted colored roses to my work yesterday…. “ahhhhhhhh”

Then last night I had dinner over at friends of ours homes which was a lot of fun.  I went over early to chat with my friend Amy, I brought a bottle of wine and dessert and she made stuffed shells which were delicious!  It was really a nice evening and we ate and talked and it was really kind of nice.  Her husband Chad and their older daughter joined us at the table and by the time I pulled out of their driveway I was shocked to see it was going on 10 pm.  I never meet to stay that long but apparently the conversation was just what I needed.  (Thanks friends!)


In staying with Reagans week of Book Blogger Reader Appreciation this week. her question on the table was what significant moment have we had in out blogging life… I think like a defining moment.  For me that has to be BEA.

The Book Expo was a new thing to me.  Apparently Brainerd Minnesota is placed directly under a large rock and I had never heard of such a thing.  An event for book lover…. publishers, authors, and book bloggers all meet in one amazing week in New York.  KNow what else was new to me?

New York.

I don’t have a lot of time to give you the story I would like to this morning as I am currently typing on borrowed time but I have to say that BEA was a defining moment in this bloggers life.  People you commented with on-line…. were there in the flesh.  AND most impressive to me, they were exactly like they were on-line.  REAL PEOPLE.  I chalk that up to being readers…. we are real..  3 dimensional.  There was not one person that I thought “wow, they are so different from I thought they would be”. 

Meeting people whose blogs you enjoy is wonderful.  It strengthened the community for me.  It gave me new people to read and follow.  We had meals together, we went to book parties together… a dream really… a dream come true.

I wish I could say more and I wish I could add some pictures of the experience but I prepped none of this last night.  I came home, I went to bed.  😀

Do you have a defining moment on your blogging life?  Share it here… and be sure to check out Reagans week of events and posts she has going on over at Miss Remmers Reviews

20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Significant Bloggy Moments

  1. What is there to say after BEA in New York? Totally awesome? I think that would be a major understatement. I would love to go…to NY and to BEA there.

    I did go to BEA when it was in LA in 2008…I had just started blogging, but not in the serious way I would begin just a year later. I was signing copies of Chasing Stardust, and it was wonderful to see all the readers and authors. If I had it to do over, I would do more, see more, etc.

    And I would plan for the huge collection of books. I should have had a rolling suitcase!

    Glad you had such a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I finished reading The Bungalow, and you can see my review at (Rainy Days and Mondays).

  2. I’m going down to the casino tonight to see if I can win big, and then I’ll go to BEA!!! (just joking about the casino–I could go down there, but I hate to gamble. LOL)
    I’ve been to NYC once…my friend ran in the NYC marathon and asked me to go with her. It was a marathon weekend–in more ways than one.

    My daughter in law gets to hand out books for World Book Night. I am so jealous!!

  3. Kudos to Al for sending flowers to your office! And have to agree that BEA was a defining moment. To actually meet some of my favorite authors and have a chance to let them know how much I loved their work was awesome! And I ran into so many bloggers that I knew just standing in line, and every single one of them was nice! I’m actually very shy, but had no problems whatsoever talking my head off while we were all standing in line! 🙂

  4. I used to work BEA about ten years back for a Canadian publisher. It was always fun. I recall a lot of drinking with the editors of Publisher’s Weekly. Side note: The challenge you gave me has been fulfilled.

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